Offspring star Asher Keddie tells TV WEEK a Love My Way reunion would be “bloody tempting”

Could a Love My Way revival be in the works?

By Elisa Parry
Before we fell in love with Asher Keddie as Nina on Offspring, she was best known for her role as Julia Jackson in the Australian drama series Love My Way.
Speaking to TV WEEK, Asher confirmed that she would love to reprise her role from the series.
“You know what? It would be bloody tempting,” she says. “It would be very tempting.”
While Asher confirms that there haven’t been any official discussions, there is hype around a potential revival.
“There have been plenty of people that have said they want to see a reunion, and I know it’s much-loved. And we love it too. It was a very special time for all of us,” Asher explains.
In an interview with The Kyle and Jackie O Show yesterday, Asher opened up about her breakthrough role in the series.
“Probably the only low point I felt was a little full on, was just before I landed the role in Love My Way,” Asher admitted. “I was in my late twenties.”
“It was more that I just wasn’t doing what I wanted to do. It’s really tricky when you are a young actor and you haven’t scored a role where you can show what you can do.
“Yeah so that [Love My Way] turned everything around for me,” she said.
She also admitted that she’s be keen to tackle a whole new genre in the future.
“I’d love to do an action flick!” Asher said. “I’ve done so much drama in my life and I love drama… but I’d really like to do an action thriller.”
We’d love to see Asher in an action thriller!

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