We need to talk about THAT Offspring break-up

Our hearts broke for Jimmy and Zara last night.

By Elisa Parry
Last night’s episode of Offspring got us square in the feels.
Their relationship has been on the rocks for a long time, and last night Jimmy (Richard Davies) and Zara (Jane Harber) finally called it quits in one of the most brutal break-up scenes we’ve seen on TV in a while.
Jimmy didn’t hold back how he felt about Zara cheating and the demise of their marriage. “I’ve never been good enough for you and no matter what I do, I never will be,” he said. “I hate you.”
It’s pretty hard to come back from a line like that. The look on Zara’s face said it all. Jimmy and Zara are finally done.
Warning: there is some bad language in the Tweet below.
It’s the second heart-breaking split on Offspring this season. We still hadn’t emotionally recovered from Billie (Kat Stewart) and Mick (Eddie Perfect)calling it quits in last week’s episode.
“I was really sad about it [filming the episode],” Kat tells TV WEEK. “It’s just so heartbreaking for Billie.
“They could have kept going the way they were, by Skyping and seeing each other when they can. But that’s not a life together. So Billie calls it.”
Last night, the girls tried their best to lift Billie’s spirits with a night out on the town, but in true Offspring style, it didn’t go according to plan. The emotional scene between Billie and Nina on the dancefloor had us in tears – again.
Offspring is certainly delivering some special moments this season and the acting from all three Proudman siblings has been phenomenal.
Three episodes in and season seven of Offspring is shaping up to be one of the strongest yet.

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