Love Island's Jaxon Human is going to be on Australian Ninja Warrior and frankly, we cannot wait

The sexy star tries his luck on the Ninja course!

By Anita Lyons
Australian Ninja Warrior certainly attracts a type of person - fierce, fiery and extremely fit - so it's no wonder that Love Island's Jaxon Human is set to take the course.
Taking to his Instagram, the 25-year-old shared an official photograph from the hit Channel 9 show, however, it was promptly taken down.
Dressed in only red shorts and sneakers, the buff reality star looked to be concentrating pretty hard as he attempted the difficult course, which not one person could beat last year.
As to whether he completes the course is a whole other thing - and we'll just have to watch to find out!
Jaxon on the famous Australian Ninja Warrior course... (Source: Instagram/Jaxon_Human and Channel 9)
Since appearing on Love Island, Jaxon has kept a relatively low profile in the media, however, is not one to shy away from sharing some incredibly hawt pics on his Insta profile.
So before he graces us with his presence on the show, we can just stare at this:
I mean... look at that face! (Source: Instagram/Jaxon Human)
Jaxon is not the only famous name from reality TV to have appeared on Australian Ninja Warrior in the past.
In fact, another Channel 9 alum, Bronson Norrish, was also a contestant on the show - before his controversial stint on Married at First Sight.
Weighing in at a bulky 120kg, Bronson ranked in as the heaviest on his season but wasn't worried about his size holding him back.
In an interview with 9Now at the time, he said of his stature: "big boys can fly".
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Bachelor star Tim Robards also tried his luck at the course...TWICE!
Speaking to OK! at the time, Tim revealed the course "is freakishly intense - so much so that only seven athletes have managed to complete it worldwide," AND his Warrior attempt and lead-up training comes while still recovering from bicep surgery.
"I had to take anti-inflammatories and PRP injections just to train," he says, emphasising that his body wasn't in peak condition. "I was struggling with tendonitis in both arms after surgery."
Tim Robards attempts the Ninja Warrior course for a second time in 2018. (Source: Channel 9)
And finally, Dancing with the Stars alum, Jett Kenny, was also a contestant on the show - with his proud parents Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny watching on.
In an interview with Now to Love, the 24-year-old said at the time:
"I just tried to stand back and take each obstacle on mentally before you have a go of it physically. You sort of have an idea, I went back and had a look at some of the previous seasons of the American series to try and get an idea of what obstacles there might be."
"As for training, I didn't do a whole lot of it. I didn't have the best preparation for it, I tore my hands up and almost ripped one of my fingers up at surf life-saving so I didn't have the best prep. I still did as much as I could," he added.
"It's completely different to anything I've ever done and it was a good experience."

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