All the burning questions we have after last night's Ninja Warrior

Who is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis and how is Tim's leg? Everything you want to know after last night's episode.

By Holly Royce
When it comes to feats of strength, agility and endurance, look no further than this season of Ninja Warrior Australia. From blitzing through the ball swing to powering up that infamous Warped Wall, the competitors toughing it out in this year's competition are proof that the human body really can do anything.
It turns out that you, like us, have many unanswered questions about last night's episode of Australia Ninja Warrior.
Find answers to all your burning questions below.

Does Ninja Warrior Adam Eyles have cystic fibrosis ?

Adam is a 42-year-old Health and Safety Environment Advisor from Brisbane, who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at eight months old and given just ten years to live.
Now, he's the father of two little girls, is happily married and according to the 9Now website, he regularly swims, runs, does gymnastics and callisthenics and plays touch football.
That's showing Cystic Fibrosis who is the boss!

Are Ninja Warrior's Elk Road and Rory Garton Smith the same person?

Rory Garton-Smith is indeed the same person as Elk Road.
Rory is known in the music scene as 'Elk Road' with 9now revealing the Elk is a musician and record producer with "a string of hits to his name".
First Music and now a Ninja Warrior, this 26-year-old is not one to rest on his laurels.

Who is Ninja Warrior's Cody Philp

It's hard to miss former professional boxer, Cody Philp, who describes himself as "ultra-competitive".
The Gold Coast native is now a co-owner of HIIT Burleigh Gym and " loves helping others achieve their fitness goals."
His fitness levels were evident as he quickly completed last night's course and secured a spot in the semis.

Who is Ninja Warrior's Bronson Norrish

Bronson Norrish is another competitor it's hard to miss - at 120kg, he ranks in as the heaviest on this season's Ninja Warrior, AND he's a stripper and fire performer.
He's not worried about his size holding him back telling 9Now, "big boys can fly".

How is Bachelor's Tim Robards going after Ninja Warrior injury

The Bachelor's newlywed Tim Robards took on Ninja Warrior for a second time last night, after failing to make it past the 'Cones to Cargo Net' during his first attempt last year.
Last night the 35-year-old chiropractor had an extreme fall and aggravated an existing injury, tearing his lateral hammy in 2 pieces AND THEN HE KEPT GOING and earned himself a spot in the semis.
The former Bachelor shared an Xray of his injury on social media this morning and updated fans on his recovery.

"The white bit in this MRI slice is the hole where it used to connect," Tim explains in his lengthy Instagram caption.
"When you give 110% you can sometimes come off second best... and it can hurt. I gritted my teeth and kept going... if it weren't for the support and energy from the crowd, my wife and everyone at home last night I wouldn't have hit my goal of making the semi's this year," the fitness buff continued.
"It may seem a bit silly but for me, at 35 now, I've been mental and physical battle with a hole heap of inflammatory related issues which I've been working with, to find the lifestyle causes and not giving into."
"I've spent a lot of time this year slowing down and nurturing my body and health, but it's a delicate balance between regenerating and degenerating... I could have had surgery to reattach this but opted out on going thru that again.. and with just continue to strengthen the other muscles I'm left with... I'll turn up at the Semi's.... and do my best with half a leg... but no more injuries!"