EXCLUSIVE: Ninja Warrior star Cian Maciejewski is ready for a baby with her wife - and hopes the $400k cash prize will make her IVF dreams come true

The newlywed and her wife are ready for the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

By Woman's Day team
Despite Australian Ninja Warrior star Cian Maciejewski missing out on being crowned a winner last season, the fierce competitor has still managed 
to win big!
Last year, the athlete married her soulmate and fellow Ninja competitor Tiarna Grzona, 
and now the pair tell Woman's Day they're ready for a baby!
"The first year 
of marriage has been amazing!" Cian excitedly declares.
"We had our honeymoon over in China, where we got some breathtaking photos taken on top of the Great Wall of China in our wedding dresses," she says 
of the happy memory.
"It is going to sound so damn cliche but I mean it when I say this, 'When you meet someone who you feel was truly made 
for you... it brings a whole 
new perspective to your life and life becomes that much more magical.'"
The fitness fanatic lovebirds fell for each other when they were training, and the rest, as they say, is history!
The happy couple are ready for a baby! Image: Instagram
With the prospect of becoming Australia's first female Ninja Warrior at stake, Cian says she's more prepared than ever, and a $400,000 cash prize will certainly be a welcome addition.
"Tiarna and I are ready to start 
a little family, and winning any amount of money would be so helpful throughout the IVF process," reveals Cian.
"It is not a cheap process, but it will 
be worth every penny, even better if it is $400,000 – that's a crazy good cot!"
The 32-year-old says she and her wife have never been more ready to fulfil their lifelong dream 
of having a family.
"We have always wanted to be mothers," Cian tells, but admits she's not as keen about being pregnant.
The newlyweds say they can't wait to be mums. Image: Nigel Wright
"I have never seen myself being the pregnant one, and trust me, growing up that was so confusing to understand. However, it all makes sense when you truly learn who you are as a human. Tiarna is a natural carer and nurturer, and craves that maternal feeling.
"For us, we just need to wait for when we have enough funds to start the process to become mothers and creating 
a new beautiful life."
Meanwhile, fans can definitely expect the mums 
to be raising a Ninja-obsessed baby!
"I have already started imagining what our garage is going to look like.
There will be obstacles hanging from every nook and cranny for the little ones to play on!" says Cian.
"I cannot wait for what [the future] has to offer Tiarna, myself and our little family-to-be."

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