Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins is unrecognisable as he reveals his shocking post-SAS Australia transformation

''Went into SAS ready for battle, left SAS looking like a lollipop.''

By Maddison Hockey
After a successful rugby career, a memorably unsuccessful stint as The Bachelor and now surviving the gruelling challenges of SAS Australia, there are few Aussies who wouldn't recognise Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins.
And when they think of the rugby-player-turned-reality-star, aside from his curly locks and crazy colloquialisms, they probably think of his built stature.
But that's about to change as the 33-year-old revealed his shocking post-SAS transformation, he revealed he dropped an astounding 10kg in just 14 days.
Fans couldn't see the dramatic transformation Nick's body undertook under all those clothes. (Channel Seven)
"Went into SAS ready for battle, left SAS looking like a lollipop," Nick wrote alongside two jaw-dropping before and after photos, which documented his buff physique before he dramatically slimmed down on the show.
He went on to add: "Dropped 10kgs over 14 days. Food deprivation made the experience multiple times harder, especially when enduring the cold."
Of course the star had to make light with his usual Badger-jargon finishing the post by saying: "Ps: don't take a sword to a gun fight."
Before. (Instagram)
After. (Instagram)
Nick made it through to the end of the trying show alongside fellow finalists, comedian Merrick Watts and AFLW player Sabrina Frederick.
The finale tested the final five recruits, which also included rally car driver Molly Taylor and James Magnussen, in a mentally demanding challenge involving an intense interrogation between being bound and blindfolded in a freezing cold room.
There were just three recruits left standing at the end: Merrick Watts, Sabrina Frederick and Nick Cummins. (Channel Seven)
After the gruelling final ep fellow winner Merrick revealed to Now To Love he'd also dropped a sizeable amount of weight.
"I still have some niggling injuries. I had two fractured ribs and impact damage on my back.
"The thing that is unseen from a viewers perspective is we have completely exhausted our bodies and actually changed the physiology of bodies because they've gone into a survival mode. We lost muscle and became very skinny."