BREAKING: Matty J confirms "I'm the new Bachelor... and I want a baby, stat!"

The hunky new Bachelor spills to OK! about his plans for marriage and a family.

By Carrissa Lawrie
It's 100 per cent official.
Matty Johnson (aka Matty J) is Australia's 2017 Bachelor and the cheeky hunk isn’t messing around when it comes to finding his perfect partner.
He knows exactly the type of lady he’s looking for and what he wants their happily ever after to look like, revealing in an exclusive chat with OK! that he wants marriage and babies to be a part of his very near future.
Phwoar! The babe hung out at OK! HQ and naturally, we asked him to get topless. He kindly obliged...
“The idea of having four kids is appealing, but after watching my older sister have her first child and seeing how much work is involved, I’m thinking of downsizing that to two,” the 29-year-old marketing executive laughs.
As for tying the knot, the spunk tells OK! that if all goes to plan on the show, a spring wedding would be on the cards!
“I would like a casual wedding, ideally in spring, and outside,” he confesses.
“From the weddings I have been to, I prefer something casual. I’d still like it to be traditional in the sense that there’ll be groomsmen and a white dress, [but] not in a church.”

As for the lady set to make his dreams come true? Well, the 2016 Bachelorette runner-up - who was left "devastated" when Georgia Love chose Lee Elliott as her winning man last year - has a clear idea on that as well.
"She’d be someone who loves what they do, would come to the pub and have a drink with me and my friends, who also wouldn’t have any issues going surfing or hiking on the weekends. Somebody who would like to stay in and watch a movie one night, but then the next night wants to go out and party. A real balance," he tells OK!.
One thing’s for sure though, Matty knows who definitely won’t be getting a prized rose from him when the fifth season of Channel 10’s hit dating show airs later this year.
"I don’t like needy women, or those who lack of confidence, have bad breath or are bad at kissing," he laughs.

The Bondi boy is certainly looking forward to embarking on his new quest for love, and we can't wait to watch as he finds the girl of his dreams.
“I feel so privileged that I’ve been given the opportunity to be The Bachelor. Without question, the most exciting part is the chance to meet the girl I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.”
Good luck, Matty J!
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