The full list of new TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in April 2020

Your new self-isolation binge list is here!

By Maddison Hockey
Self-isolation may have you feeling like you've been trapped indoors for weeks now. Despite it only being a matter of days, we've made it through enough shows and movies to last us weeks in normal, non COVID-19, times.
Thankfully, Netflix has dropped its list of April releases, meaning there are plenty of new shows and movies to watch while social distancing in the coming weeks.
Whether your kids are getting restless and need something new to watch, or you're looking for a new documentary to keep your mind active, or just a delightfully addictive show for your next binge watching marathon, these are all the show and films coming to Netflix next month.
New episodes of Riverdale will air weekly. Image: Netflix
El Dragón: Return of a Warrior: Season 2 (17/4/2020)
Nailed It!: Season 4 (1/4/2020)
Sunderland 'Til I Die: Season 2 (1/4/2020)
La casa de papel: Part 4 (3/4/2020)
TERRACE HOUSE: TOKYO 2019-2020: Part 3 (7/4/2020)
The Circle Game (Coming Soon)
Brews Brothers (10/4/2020)
Outer Banks (15/4/2020)
Too Hot to Handle (17/4/2020)
Fary: Hexagone: Season 2 (16/4/2020)
Fauda: Season 3 (16/4/2020)
Cooked with Cannabis (20/4/2020)
The Midnight Gospel (20/4/2020)
Absurd Planet (22/4/2020)
Win the Wilderness (22/4/2020)
The House of Flowers: Season 3 (23/4/2020)
After Life: Season 2 (24/4/2020)
The Last Kingdom: Season 4 (26/4/2020)
Never Have I Ever (27/4/2020)
Nadiya's Time to Eat (29/4/2020)
Extracurricular (29/4/2020)
Summertime (29/4/2020)
The Victims' Game (30/4/2020)
The Forest of Love: Deep Cut (30/4/2020)
Riverdale: Season 4 (New Episodes)
Iconic film, The Breakfast Club, will finally stream on the site. Image: Netflix
Willy and the Guardians of the Lake: Tales from the Lakeside Winter Adventure (27/3/2020)
Coffee & Kareem (3/4/2020)
Money Heist: The Phenomenon (3/4/2020)
Tigertail (10/4/2020)
Love Wedding Repeat (10/4/2020)
The Main Event (10/4/2020)
Sergio (17/4/2020)
Betonrausch (17/4/2020)
Legado en los huesos (17/4/2020)
Earth and Blood (La terre et le sang) (17/4/2020)
El silencio del pantano (22/4/2020)
The Plagues of Breslau (22/4/2020)
Extraction (24/4/2020)
Rich in Love (Ricos de Amor) (30/4/2020)
Dangerous Lies (30/4/2020)
The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show (1/4/2020)
David Batra: Elefanten I Rummet (1/4/2020)
Chris D'Elia: No Pain (14/4/2020)
Mauricio Meirelles: Levando o Caos (16/4/2020)
Middleditch & Schwartz (21/4/2020)
Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill (24/4/2020)
Social-distancing is the perfect excuse for a Ryan Gosling flick. Image: Netflix
How to Fix a Drug Scandal (1/4/2020)
LA Originals (10/4/2020)
The Innocence Files (15/4/2020)
ARASHI's Diary -Voyage- ep 5&6 (Coming Soon)
A Secret Love (29/4/2020)
Circus of Books (22/4/2020)
Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story (29/4/2020)
Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy (3/4/2020)
StarBeam (3/4/2020)
The Big Show Show (6/4/2020)
The Last Kids on Earth: Book 2 (17/4/2020)
The Willoughbys (22/4/2020)
Hello Ninja: Season 2 (24/4/2020)
Hi Score Girl: Season 2 (9/4/2020)
Drifting Dragons (30/4/2020)
The Breakfast Club (10/4/2020)
American Pie (10/4/2020)
Bridge to Terabithia (1/4/2020)
Bad Boys (1/4/2020)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1/4/2020)
Crazy, Stupid, Love (1/4/2020)
BlacKkKlansman (5/4/2020)
Community: Season 1 - 6 (1/4/2020)
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (1/4/2020)
Sniper: Legacy (1/4/2020)
The Cold Light Of Day (1/4/2020)
That's My Boy (1/4/2020)
Friday (1/4/2020)
Next Friday (1/4/2020)
Friday After Next (1/4/2020)
Saving Private Ryan (1/4/2020)
Flight (1/4/2020)
Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat (1/4/2020)
The First Wives Club (1/4/2020)
Bad Boys II (1/4/2020)
Happily N'Ever After (1/4/2020)
Superman Returns (1/4/2020)
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (1/4/2020)
Lion (1/4/2020)
The Fugitive (1/4/2020)
When a Stranger Calls (1/4/2020)
Money Monster (1/4/2020)
Don't Breathe (1/4/2020)
An Officer and a Gentleman (1/4/2020)
Shaun of the Dead (10/4/2020)
Jaws 3 (10/4/2020)
Hannibal (10/4/2020)
Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman (10/4/2020)
Get Him to the Greek (10/4/2020)
The Land Before Time (10/4/2020)
Jaws 2 (10/4/2020)
Meet Joe Black (10/4/2020)
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (10/4/2020)
Smokey and the Bandit (10/4/2020)
American Wedding (10/4/2020)
American Pie 2 (10/4/2020)
Death Race (10/4/2020)
The Mummy (10/4/2020)
American Reunion (10/4/2020)
The Mummy Returns (10/4/2020)
The Scorpion King (10/4/2020)
The Hangover: Part II (15/4/2020)
Richie Rich (15/4/2020)
Dennis the Menace (15/4/2020)
Stardust (27/4/2020)

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