Plot teaser: Here's how Rob Mills and Bonnie Anderson join this season of Neighbours

Watch out, Ramsay Street residents – Finn Kelly is back in town! And it seems he's already up to his conniving ways.
The disgraced teacher (Rob Mills) has returned to Erinsborough with new girlfriend Beatrix (Bonnie Anderson).
It can't be a coincidence that Bea is actually Elly's (Jodi Anasta) half-sister.
Returning to Ramsay Street after years on the streets, Bea is hoping to reunite with her estranged family. And while Elly welcomes her sibling with open arms, Bea is reluctant to open up.
"Bea wants to be close with her family, but she can't be, because she has no trust," Neighbours newcomer Bonnie, 23, tells TV WEEK.
"She's been let down too many times."
Hoping to bond, Elly plans a day of quality time with Bea. But the younger Conway appears resentful of the relationships Elly has formed with the Kennedys and even Xanthe.
In another ominous sign, it's clear Finn has quite a hold on Bea.
Rob stars as Finn, who's mysteriously returned with his girlfriend Bea (Bonnie) in tow.
We last saw Finn being led off to a prison hospital. Viewers may remember the manipulative teacher plotting to steal Susan's (Jackie Woodburne) job as school principal.
When his dastardly plan to swap Susan's MS medication for painkillers was thwarted, Finn tried to flee to Hong Kong, with an infatuated Xanthe in tow.
But the pair were pulled off the plane by police before they could get away.
Finn's undoing came when Xanthe managed to record his confession before he suddenly collapsed. Finn was taken to hospital and diagnosed with a life-threatening brain aneurysm.
What is Finn up to?
Now, as Bea returns from her reunion to debrief with her boyfriend, the young brunette looks to be wrapped around Finn's finger.
"She's got a heart of gold, she really has," Bonnie says. "And when she loves, it's all-in or nothing with her. It's very obvious with her relationship."
But we soon discover there's more to their romance than meets the eye when Bea calls Finn "Patrick".
Bea really has no idea who her boyfriend is. So what is Finn up to?

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