New Neighbours high school spinoff series 'Neighbours: Erinsborough High' set to launch

Mark your calendars!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Neighbours fans, we have some excellent news.
The iconic Aussie soap is getting a high school-themed spinoff, titled Neighbours: Erinsborough High, which is set to launch on our TV screens both here and the UK from November 11 until November 15.
The new five-episode series was commissioned by British TV station Channel 5 and will screen on My5, Channel 5's on-demand service, as well as Ten Play, in Australia.
Judging by the new promo photo released to promote the series, it will focus on the lives of six high school students whose final exam preparations are interrumpted by the disappearance of a popular student.
The new promo image for Neighbours: Erinsborough High Supplied
A still from the upcoming series. Supplied
The show will star young actors Olivia Junkeer (who plays Yashvi Rebecchi), transgender star Georgie Stone (Mackenzie Margreaves), Lachlan Millar (Richie Amblin), and Benny Turland (Hendrix Greyson) and Grace O'Sullivan and Darius Amarfio-Jefferson.
"It will explore issues universally troubling teens today – bullying, mental illness, sexuality, cultural diversity, parental and peer pressure, and teacher-student relationships," Neighbours' production company Fremantle said in a statement.
Georgie Stone announced the news on her Instagram account. Instagram
It's understood the plotline of this spinoff will run parallel to the regular series.
"Neighbours: Erinsborough High is an exciting opportunity to shine a light on one of our most iconic playing areas – the local high school," Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison said in a statement.
"It's long been an ambition to delve deeper into some of our workplaces and the characters who populate them. Who knows what we might do next?"
The UK Channel 5's Oli Thomas added: "Neighbours continues to be a popular show which has brought enjoyment to audiences for many years, so it's hugely exciting to bring its first ever spinoff series to fans in the UK exclusively on My5."
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We cannot wait for November 11!

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