Neighbours recap: We can’t believe Toadie cheated!

Things went from bad to worse for Sonya and Toadie this week.

London calling
Toadie high tailed it to London this week, following fake Dee and Willow across the globe. Sonya originally encouraged Toadie to follow them but after he left, her health deteriorated and so did their relationship.
Things got off to a bad start when Toadie rang to check in but Sonya was sleeping, so an innocent Nell told Toadie that “mummy is asleep in bed with Mark.”
Now while this is technically true, Mark was merely there to monitor Sonya’s health but Toadie suspected that Sonya had cheated.
Mark stayed with Sonya as her health deteriorated.
Wires are crossed
After the conversation with Nell, Toadie threw all of his energy into tracking down Willow and fake Dee, which he managed to do through Instagram! Back in Australia, Sonya was getting more and more worried by the fact that Toadie wasn’t answering any of her calls.
Sonya finally got her husband on Skype but she was met with a frosty reception from Toadie, who accused her of sleeping with Mark. A fight ensued between the pair and Toadie told Sonya he couldn’t talk to her right now and ended the call in frustration. But he didn’t actually end the call, only minimising the Skype window so Sonya could still see Toadie in his hotel room.
The ultimate betrayal
Thinking he had hung up on his wife, Toadie answered a knock at his hotel room door to find Dee standing there. Dee entered the room and started to undress, all the while telling Toadie how she couldn’t stay away from him; meanwhile Toadie’s pregnant wife was watching it all unfold via video chat. Yep, you guessed it. Sonya witnessed her husband cheat on her.
Sonya can't believe her eyes.
Sonya then began to have contractions!
Mark rushed Sonya to the hospital where David delivered the awful news that the baby’s heartbeat couldn’t be found.
Mark and Sonya lost their little girl.
The stress sent Sonya into early labour.
Truth revealed
Meanwhile in London, Toadie instantly regretted his transgression with Dee. Whilst Dee was getting dressed, he discovered her passport which included her photo but the name said “Andrea Somers”.
Toadie questioned Dee and she FINALLY spilt the beans – she’s not Dee and this whole thing has been a scam. Cue panic!
Reeling from his actions and the lie, Toadie escaped the hotel, where he ran into Willow. In an attempt to evade her, he ran into oncoming traffic and was hit by a car!
Karl visited Toadie as he recuperated in hospital, where he delivered the news about Sonya and the baby, much to Toadie’s horror.
Toadie is hit by a car while attempting to avoid Willow.
Final farewell
As Sonya and Mark came to terms with their loss, the neighbourhood gathered to offer them support.
The pair asked Jack to conduct the funeral service for their daughter which was a tearful affair, to say the least.
And now Toadie is left wondering if he has ruined everything. Will Sonya be able to forgive him?
We shall see next week!
Mark and Sonya bid their daughter a tearful goodbye.

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