Well that was ANOTHER bombshell week on Neighbours...

So many secrets and lies!

A tricky choice
This week saw Steph torn between her feelings for Mark and Victoria. Her attraction to Victoria comes at a time when her relationship with Mark is extremely vulnerable. Mark's focus has been on Sonya and the baby, whilst Steph is still processing the fact they have a baby on the way and one that she didn't really want.
Steph became even more confused when a drunken Victoria kissed her, creating a million more questions in Steph's mind regarding her relationship with Mark…
Steph was taken aback when Victoria kissed her.
Baby on the brain
Meanwhile, Mark was all about Sonya and her needs this week, which didn't bode well with Steph. The shaky ground between the pair was blown apart when Steph discovered Sonya's earring in Mark's car, realising that Mark had taken Sonya for a drive on the same day he had cancelled their engagement celebration. That was enough for Steph and she called off their engagement!
Instant family
Another bombshell was dropped on poor Toadie this week – we're surprised he has not had a heart attack with all of these shocks! Dee surprised Toadie with the news that they have a daughter together named Willow. Sonya was unconvinced and went behind Toadie's back to ask Dee for a paternity test, which she gave and the test results came back positive… but the test results were switched, so Willow isn't really Toadie’s daughter. What is Dee playing at?
Toadie is stunned to learn he has a daughter.
A wolf in sheep's clothing
We received confirmation this week that it isn't in fact Dee Bliss who returned to Ramsay Street, but a woman named Andrea! Who is Andrea? How does she know so much about Dee? Why is she lying to Toadie? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

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