Neighbours recap: Shock stabbing

Sam from Survivor stirred up trouble in Erinsborough this week.

By TV Week team

Stabbing scandal

Mannix (Sam Webb), a former acquaintance of Leo’s (Tim Kano) checked into the motel this week and started causing trouble for Steph.When Leo tried to get him to leave, Mannix threatened to reveal a big secret about Leo.
When Leo returned to the motel, he discovered that Mannix had been stabbed!
Despite the stab wound, Mannix refused to be taken to hospital!
Instead, he demanded Dr David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) come to him.

Secret flashback

It looks like Paige (Olympia Valance) and Mark (Scott McGregor) may have a chance of rekindling their romance after a flashback this week revealed that they shared a secret kiss.
In the flashback, Mark followed his ex-fiancée to Queensland where she was visiting family. During the visit emotions got the better of them and they shared a kissed.
But it may not be a simple reunion.
Later, Mark accepted an invitation to go wine tasting with Elly (Jodi Anasta) which left Paige burning with jealousy.
Will they be able work it out?

Confidence bust

Susan (Jackie Woodburne) thought it may be good for Xanthe (Lilly Van Der Meer) to work at the hospital again to boost her confidence.But her plan came unstuck – thanks to her own husband.
While working at the hospital, Dr Karl (Alan Fletcher) asked Xanthe about some missing drugs.
She took it as an accusation because he hadn’t questioned anyone else.
She asked how she was meant to go back to work knowing everything she did was being watched.
Her angry reaction didn’t go down well with Karl.
“No one is trying to get rid of you,” he said. “But if you’re going to behave like this I think you should go home.”
Xanthe just can’t catch a break at the moment!

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