Neighbours scandal! Paige and Jack share a steamy night together

Their partners aren't going to be too happy!

By Rachael Gavin
After months of fighting their feelings, Paige and Jack give in to temptation next week in Neighbours.
Paige (Olympia Valance) and Jack (Andrew Morley) felt their love for each other return when their baby boy, Gabe, was kidnapped.
"Jack was there at the right time to provide support," Andrew, 28, says. "That reinforced what they used to have and what is still there."
The only problem is, Paige is dating Mark (Scott McGregor) and Jack is dating Steph (Carla Bonner).
Will they regret this in the morning?
Little Gabe has brought Paige and Jack closer together.
Olympia tells TV WEEK: "Their bond in regards to Gabe is stronger than ever and I think there's definitely a blurred line around their feelings for each other.
"Do they love each other as the mother and father of their child, or is there something stronger brewing under the surface?"
The sexual tension continues to simmer on the night of Toadie's party. Paige is enjoying the event, but worries when Jack doesn't update her about Gabe via text.
She goes to check on the boys and ends up staying at Jack's. As they watch Gabe in his crib, they marvel over their love for the bub. It's not long before their chemistry takes over.
"They share this love for Gabe, and everything was feeling right," Andrew says.
Paige and Jack kiss – and end up in bed.
Will they get back together?

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