Neighbours' Chloe is in for a shock when she meets Pierce’s new woman

Look who's arrived in Erinsborough...

By Maddison Hockey
The ever-charming Pierce Greyson has made an unexpected return to Ramsay Street.
While his presence sends Chloe into a spin, it's not for the reason Neighbours fans would suspect. Rather, her ex reveals to her this week that he's engaged!
Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) jumps to conclusions when Pierce (Tim Robards) reappears in town. Assuming he was back to win her over, Chloe boldly kisses her ex-boyfriend. When the drama picks up, however, she learns she was very, very wrong.
Chloe is horrified after her faux pas with Pierce. (Image: 10.)
The businessman is quick to correct Chloe, telling her how he's now engaged to another woman – Ebony (Christie Hayes) – and Chloe can't help but feel confused in an awkward situation, especially when Ebony literally enters the picture.
"He shuts it down as Ebony walks in the door and sees it," Tim, 37, tells TV WEEK.
Embarrassed, Chloe flees. Equally mortified, Ebony is left with more than just a few questions for her new fiancé.
"The kiss throws him, but only a little bit," Tim explains. "He's in love with Ebony, [so] he's convinced himself of that and that's all that matters."
Pierce is in a precarious position with two strong-willed ladies. (Image: 10.)
When Ebony later spots Chloe at The Waterhole, she invites her over, much to Chloe's horror. As Ebony grills her about her history with Pierce, Chloe begins to suspect something about Ebony doesn't quite add up. Could she be right?
Neighbours airs weeknights, 6.30pm on 10 Peach.

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