We need to talk about Neighbours’ massive episode last night

We break down the five biggest moments from the ep.

By Rachael Gavin
The moment we've all been waiting for finally arrived in a spectacular 90-minute episode of Neighbours - Izzy Hoyland made her return in dramatic fashion! But that wasn't even the most shocking moment. There's a lot to process so let's take it one moment at a time.

Izzy arrives in Ramsay Street

Izzy knows how to make an entrance.
Of all the car parks in all the world and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) hits Izzy (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) with her car. What are the chances?! But the accident is only the start of the surprises Izzy has in store. The biggest one in last night's episode was that Izzy has inherited 41 million pounds from her late husband (seriously how does she do it?). And she says it's going to get her everything she wants. Does that mean she's back for Karl (Alan Fletcher)?

Piper and Tyler go on the run

Tyler and Piper dress in disguises to escape.
This was always going to end badly. The chances Piper (Mavournee Hazel) and Tyler (Travis Burns) could evade police long enough to flee to South America was a long shot. But even the impending sense of doom didn't stop us from freaking out when Piper tried leaping from one roof to another. Our relief that she was rescued was only surpassed by the realisation that Tyler was definitely going to end up in jail.

Tyler gets 20 years for murder

Tyler's 20-year sentencing is ridiculously harsh.
We're still not convinced Tyler even committed manslaughter (surely there's another explanation for Hamish's (Sean Taylor) death!) but Tyler is now serving 20 years behind bars for murder. That sentence is seriously unfair! He could be out in 10 but that's cold comfort to Piper who now faces at least a decade without her man by her side. Can their love survive prison?

Paige and Jack hook up

Paige and Jack reunited.
You could've cut the sexual tension between Jack (Andrew Morley) and Paige (Olympia Valance) with a knife so it's no surprise these two got intimate last night. There is so much passion between them the question now is will they get back together? And what about their partners Steph (Carla Bonner) and Mark (Scott McGregor)?

Toadie gets a message from Andrea

She is the doppelganger scammer who almost destroyed Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Sonya's (Eve Morey) marriage and now she is trying to make contact again. Toadie was given Andrea's (Madeleine West) phone number but will he use it? And just what does fake Dee need to tell him?

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