With a new show and baby, life looks different for Nazeem Hussain

The comedian is changing it up!

By TV Week team
Fans of Nazeem Hussain may be surprised to know the star took on comedy as a full-time career only as recently as 2012. Before that, the 32-year-old was a tax consultant.
"I can't imagine working a desk job ever again," Nazeem tells TV WEEK.
But life is different now for another reason – with wife Shaheeda Abdulla, Nazeem recently welcomed his first child, son Eesa.
"While telling jokes on stage, I've caught myself rocking from side to side as if holding a baby," he says. "It's because it's what I do now as a parent. It's very weird!"

Nazeem promises more laughs in new sketch series Orange Is The New Brown, but says it's something of a departure from his SBS comedy series Legally Brown.
"The way I view and make comedy has changed since then," he says. "This time, it's purely sketch."
The comedian will be joined by hilarious co-stars Urzila Carlson (Have You Been Paying Attention?), Matt Okine (The Other Guy), stand-up comedian Becky Lucas and Broden Kelly (one half of the comedy group Aunty Donna).
And he's excited that the likes of Tim Minchin, among other comedic friends and celebrity guests, have joined him on this new project.
"He's one of the funniest people in the country," Nazeem enthuses.
Rhys Nicholson, Nazeem and Firass Dirani in a scene for Orange Is The New Brown.
The comedy sketch show will feature big-name stars, with famous Aussies such as Kat Stewart, Claudia Karvan, Rhys Nicholson, Gary Sweet, Firass Dirani and Sigrid Thornton making regular appearances.
The series, which is set to premiere later this month, will poke fun at real life in modern Australia, with the skits taking on everything from politics to pop culture. We can't wait to watch!
Orange Is The New Brown premieres 8:30pm, Thursday, on Channel Seven.

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