Why Nazeem Hussain is really mad at his I'm A Celeb pal Dane Swan

Dane Swan, it's time to pull your socks up mate!

By Chloe Lal
Ahhh Swaney... You thought you missed the outside world during your time in the jungle.
Speaking exclusively to NTL after the I'm A Celeb finale, Dane admitted: "It’s really difficult. Just to be away and not how things are going is so hard. The fear of the unknown was really difficult."
"It certainly makes you value and realise what’s important in your life."
But it would appear he hasn't realised the importance of one person in his life.
Naz and Dane were in the jungle together right up until the end.
No, we're not talking about his partner Taylor.
We're talking about his former campmate and new-found bestie Nazeem Hussain and it turns out, the comedian has some real beef with the footy star.
Dropping by the Chrissie Swan, Sam Pang and Jonathan Browny show on Nova, Naz was livid when he was asked who his unexpected jungle bestie was.
"Me and Dane Swan, we became good friends but now I know that he’s receiving my messages on WhatsApp because I see the two blue ticks but he’s not responding!"
Chrisse, who was on season one of the show, quipped, "That’s classic jungle!"

Nazeem, clearly annoyed continued, "Oh yeah yeah, we’ll catch up! [Squeals] Yeah! We’ll go to the gym every morning. [Shouts] Where are you Dane?"
Looking to Browny, Naz asked, "Do you [know]? You and your football contacts?," before laughing, "I’m actually furious."
Browny tried to diffuse the situation, saying, "He’s gone overseas I think read that in the paper the other day."
Sadly that was not the case with Naz cutting him off, "No! He’s here in Melbourne."
"He’s on Instagram posting photos of him and his other dumb friends but we connected in a way him and his stupid football mates wouldn’t be able to.""We talked about emotions and stuff in the jungle!"
Dane told NTL after the finale, "Standing next to Casey was a huge honour. Everyone is so in love with her and we fell in love with her too."
Naz shared the radio clip on his Instagram, penning, "Stop hiding from me Dane!"
Dane quickly eased his friend, commenting on the post, "You wrote one WhatsApp I didn't reply to and it was over the weekend."
Before confessing,"I'm not good at replying on weekends or Mondays you'll come to find out pretty quickly."
Naz, still hurt by the hilarious situation remarked, "You could've at least sent me a thumbs up emoticon or something."
Don't worry Naz, we'll message back... And so will Lisa Curry.
The swimming hero comforted the comedian, replying on the thread, "I"ll catch up with you soon @nazeemhussain #realfriends."
We'll always love you Naz!