Natalie Bassingthwaighte says Neighbours fans will ‘love to hate’ Izzy

Look out – bad girl Izzy Hoyland is back in town!

By TV Week team
She was Ramsay Street's most notorious homewrecker – and now Izzy is back! And the husband-stealer wastes no time stirring things up.
In true Izzy (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) style, her dramatic arrival to Neighbours on Tuesday, February 13, leaves her lying on the ground like a damsel in distress.
"Izzy likes to make an entrance," Natalie, 42, grins. "And this return is no exception. If you loved to hate her before, you'll love to hate her even more now."
It's the kind of moment Izzy knows how to exploit. So will she get Karl's (Alan Fletcher) attention?
"Karl is a bit of a sucker where Izzy's concerned," Alan, 60, admits. "He always likes to think there's a possibility that she's reformed."
Izzy always makes an entrance!
"I think Karl is almost always naive over Izzy's intentions," Natalie tells Digital Spy.
"To be honest, I think Izzy is often naive to her own intentions too! She knows what she wants and she goes after it, but she doesn't necessarily appreciate how much of a big deal some of the things she does are. She doesn't think they're as big as they are, so I think she needs a reality check!"
Karl will have to tread carefully, because any interest he shows in tending to Izzy will surely have wife Susan (Jackie Woodburne) fuming. Fans will recall Izzy destroyed Karl and Susan's marriage, and later gave birth to Karl's daughter, Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall).
Meanwhile, tension is building between Karl and Susan just as Izzy shows up. This will create the perfect storm for her to unleash whatever she's planning. So why is Izzy back in town? And what – or who – does she want?
WATCH: Izzy leaves Ramsay St (story continues after video)
It all goes down the night of Toadie's (Ryan Moloney) belated 21st birthday party, which he won in a Lassiters' promotion. Erinsborough's locals are all in attendance, glammed up in their '90s-themed fancy-dress costumes and ready to party.
Even Toadie's old mates Stu (Blair McDonough) and Lance (Andrew Bibby) return to Erinsborough for it. But, in true soap fashion, what should be a night of fun leads to chaos for many Neighbours favourites.

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