Nadine Garner defends Craig McLachlan’s behaviour on the set of Doctor Blake

"Yes, it got a bit lewd, but most people do in their workplace at some point.”

By Stephanie Marinkovic
Following a slew of sexual harassment allegations against Craig McLachlan from his former Rocky Horror Picture Show cast-mates, his The Doctor Blake Mysteries co-star, Nadine Garner, has leapt to the actor's defence.
Speaking to ABC News Breakfast, the actress, who plays Jean Beazley in the hit 1950s drama, defended the workplace culture as "fun", adding that McLachlan played a big role in creating the "joyous" atmosphere.
"Craig was very much the team leader, it was his show, but we were all part of that and we all jumped on board," the 47-year-old said.
"He might muck around in between takes, but he's also producing a beautiful character and an amazing show, usually with one take and he works at a standard that I've never seen another actor work at, quite frankly."
Channel Seven picked up the drama after it was axed by the ABC in 2017.
Earlier this year, production on Doctor Blake was suspended pending internal investigations into McLachlan's on-set behaviour.
While the report cleared McLachlan of any on-set sexual harassment, misconduct or workplace bullying, it acknowledged the culture could be construed as "sexual, lewd, bawdy, 'Benny-Hill-esque' and crude."
"I guess, on reflection, that's how it was seen," Nadine conceded.
"Yes, it got a bit lewd, but most people do in their workplace at some point. It's sort of how you get through the day.
"I don't think anybody was hurt or offended. I'd be saddened if they were."

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