Nadia Stamp confesses she “sacrificed so much” for Married at First Sight

Heartbroken and disappointed, Nadia reveals why both the show and Anthony have let her down.

By TV Week team
Agreeing to put your love life on show is all part of the Married At First Sight experience. Nadia initially believed the risk was worth the reward – but she’s since had second thoughts.
“The major reason I went on the show was to find love,” Nadia, 37, says.
However since the show’s been to air, the model and air hostess reveals she’s been left disheartened by claims she stuck things out with Anthony for “fame”.
“People have this grand idea that we’re getting paid s**t loads of money [doing on the show]. You don’t win any money,” Nadia says. “You either learn something about yourself or you find true love. That’s all you get.”
Nadia and Anthony on their wedding day.
On top of that, Nadia says the demands of being involved with the show have been a massive disruption.
“I’ve sacrificed so much,” Nadia says. “I can’t work full time and I’m trying to balance my personal life with all the added attention that you get from a show like this.”
Nadia also feels the public have vilified her over the decision to persist with a relationship with Anthony – even though ultimately it didn’t worked out.
“I tried to be generous by sharing my love life with the nation,” Nadia says. “And people are entitled to their opinions, but they’re not in my shoes. I am on a personal journey and where I end is where I end.”
While viewers have been in uproar over Nadia’s dogged pursuit of the doomed relationship, she claims that the audience doesn’t realise that she was strung along by Anthony.
Nadia did share some happy moments with Anthony while on the show.
“He would say all the right things and do all the right things,” Nadia says.
“He gave me a lot of optimism and hope [for the relationship] – and I really hadn’t been at that point with anyone for quite some time,” Nadia adds.
“I guess that’s why I sort of disregarded all the downtimes we’d had and just focused on, trying to make it work.’”

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