My Kitchen Rules’ Courtney: The show broke me and the judges didn’t care!

The expectant mum reveals the real reason why she stormed out.

By Carrissa Lawrie
MKR's Courtney Hall-Eastey

A fed up Courtney Hall-Eastey tells OK! that viewers only saw a snippet of what she was really feeling on last night’s dramatic episode of My Kitchen Rules.

Sleep-deprived, plus sick of fellow contestant Josh and the table chitchat, Courtney, 29, admits she reached breaking point and that’s what caused her to storm out.

“By this point I’d just had enough,” explains Josh’s main rival.

“I got to the point where I said, ‘I’m not having this.’ I wouldn’t accept people like Josh in my everyday life, so why [am I] for the show?”

My Kitchen Rules contestants Courtney & Duncan.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Courtney & Duncan.

And while judge Manu Feildel pulled her and husband Duncan aside for a one-on-one chat away from the camera, Courtney admits, “I don’t think he was overly concerned if we left.”

“Pete and I look after our teams in many different ways,” says judge Manu Fieldel about the turmoil around the table.

My Kitchen Rules is a tough competition, it’s long and it’s stressful,” he says. “Some contestants are stronger than others and some need more support than others.”

Manu was shocked by what went down.
Manu was shocked by what went down.

The Victorian contenders main gripe, however, was with the show’s producers.

“We spoke to the producers about their duty of care and not a thing was done,” Courtney spills.

“I think [Josh] got pats on the back for his nastiness.”

Contestant Josh Meeuwissen has seen furious fans lash out online, but few have been more displeased with the “seafood king” than his co-stars, with some even contemplating giving up their chance at the $250,000 prize because of him.

For those thinking Josh, 25, might tone it down after his shocking “slut” jab, NSW contender Betty Banks says it’s not the case.

My Kitchen Rules contestant Josh.
My Kitchen Rules contestant Josh.

“He compares one of my dishes to urine,” she tells. “It just isn’t right.”

But she wasn’t alone, as no-one in the competition escaped his harsh remarks. “He ruined every relationship that he tried to build,” the 27-year-old explains.

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