Betty’s secret romance revealed

The My Kitchen Rules star is in love!

By Elisa Parry
Betty Banks from My Kitchen Rules

David might have Betty’s back on MKR, yet despite rumours the duo are more than “just friends”, he doesn’t have her heart. It belongs to someone else.

“I am dating someone,” Betty reveals to TV WEEK in our exclusive interview with the cooking show favourite. “His name is Billy. We are very much in love.”

A chance encounter at Adelaide Airport blossomed into a relationship between the reality TV star and her police officer boyfriend. They began officially dating last December.

“With all the pressure of MKR, I kind of wanted to keep it to myself,” Betty explains. “I wasn’t ready to share it, but now I am. He’s a big part of my life now.”

With Billy based in Alice Springs for work, there are a lot of long phone calls.

“It feels like I’m in high school and we’re doing this whole dating thing properly,” Betty says. “It’s really cute.”

Betty and her boyfriend Billy.
Betty and her boyfriend Billy.

Because of the distance between them, Billy got to meet Betty’s family much earlier that she ever expected him to.

“He wasn’t even my boyfriend yet,” the 27-year-old explains. “He was in Sydney for a weekend and I was like, ‘I want you to meet my mum.’

“The first thing mum asked him was, ‘Are you in love with my daughter?’ Billy was like, ‘Yeah, I’m actually growing to love her.’ The best answer ever!”

David and Betty are in the finals for *My Kitchen Rules*.
David and Betty are in the finals for My Kitchen Rules.

Best friend David is also impressed with her new beau.

“David was like, ‘God, he’s so handsome!’” Betty laughs.

Because family is so very important to Betty, it’s a subject she and Billy have already discussed.

“I don’t think it’s ever too early to talk about kids,” she declares.

Billy has a son, Jayden, from a previous relationship. He’ll be five soon.

“I’ve met Jayden and I’m absolutely in love with him,” Betty says. “I can see myself being able to mother Jayden. I hope one day I get to have my own as well.”

While the distance may be a struggle at times, at least Billy gets to see Betty every night on the TV. Despite her close relationship with David on the show, her boyfriend doesn’t feel threatened.

“He [Billy] thinks it’s so funny,” Betty says. “He knows how David and I are. He’s probably the first person who actually understands our relationship, because he’s so close to me.”

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