Murphy Brown's Faith Ford isn't expecting a tweet from the President

The actress spills on all things politics

By TV Week team
Tweeting and television are two great loves of US President Donald Trump, who often combines the two.
So, given the reboot of Murphy Brown has spent so much time referencing Trump, surely a reply must be in the works?
"We don't expect anything from Trump, ever," Faith Ford, who has reprised her role as Corky Sherwood 30 years after she first took it on, tells TV WEEK.
Faith is ready for action in her role as lifestyle reporter Corky Sherwood.
"He isn't someone you can predict, so we just do the show and wait to see what happens."
While Trump has yet to pass judgement on the return of Murphy Brown, his former political foe, Hillary Clinton, has a cameo in the first episode.
"I had a later call time that day, but I came in early and was able to meet her and say hello, and thank her for coming on," Faith, 54, says.
"What she's been through, from First Lady until now, well I think you have to respect that, whatever side of politics you're from."
Faith with her Murphy Brown co-stars.
Murphy Brown's return to Network 10 is the latest in a spate of reboots.
"Shows like Murphy Brown, Will & Grace and Roseanne were always about what's going on out there," Faith explains.
"I think we're in an era where we need shows that reflect reality again, which explains that appetite for it."
Faith and the original Murphy Brown cast.
Critical reaction to the reboot has been mixed, but Faith maintains the cast isn't affected by reviews.
"Even back in the day, when we had glowing reviews all round, I never read them – none us did," she says.
"We came in to this [reboot] knowing it would be varied. You just don't know how people will take things these days."
And that certainly applies, all the way up to the White House.
Murphy Brown airs Monday at 8:30pm on Network Ten.

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