MKR's Jess and Emma say this isn't the last we'll see of them

“We'll be back!”

By TV Week team
They were at the centre of the biggest blow-up ever seen on My Kitchen Rules, but that hasn't put Jess Alvial and Emma Byron off appearing on TV again.
The sisters – who went head-to-head with Sonya Mefaddi and Hadil Sadeq on the hit cooking show – have hinted at more TV projects next year.
"It's not the last you'll see of us – unfortunately for some!" Jess, 31, who recently welcomed her second son, Chase, tells TV WEEK.
"I have a mummy movement lifestyle project in the pipeline and a possible e-book transforming my blog."
Jess and Emma were one of the more memorable duos on this years season of MKR.
"We may pop up somewhere when least expected," Emma, 38, adds.
"I may audition for a singing competition – even though I sound like a cat being strangled. But I reckon I'd have more hope of winning than I did in MKR!"
Despite the pair's drama-fuelled stint in the competition, where judge Manu Feildel was forced to remove Sonya and Hadil after they hurled insults at Jess and Emma, the pair insist they have no regrets. Well, maybe one or two.
"I wish I'd had a little less lip filler!" Jess says with a laugh.
Fellow MKR contestants Sonya and Hadil clashed with Jess and Emma.
"I don't like to live with regrets," Emma says.
"Actually, I regret not looking front-on at the camera – the side shots were shocking! I should have acted more diva-like and refused to be seen from the side. It may have saved me from a world of hate!"
One thing the sisters had underestimated about reality TV is the backlash that comes with social media.
Jess and Emma say there are plenty of projects on the boil.
Previously speaking to TV WEEK, the pair revealed they were receiving savage comments before the first episode of the series had even aired
"In the 31 years I've been alive, I've never had anyone come up to me and tell me I'm disgusting or ugly. But, wow, the trolls online were out of this world." Jess said.
However the pair have proven to be confident in managing online trolls.
"If you can try and change a few people, get people to see the real you, they've got to understand it's a TV show.I had trolls who were horrible to me, but now they private-message me and we're friends."

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