Michelle's fury as Commando is caught out!

Steve ‘Commando’ Willis was meant to be sharing fitness tips, but the Biggest Loser coach was busted flirting up a storm.
As Woman’s Day can exclusively reveal, the fitness guru showed a group of women much more than they bargained for, after they signed up to learn fitness tips and paid $95 each to share a two-course meal with the trainer.
“Steve started drinking red wine at dinner and he wasn’t holding back,” one onlooker said.
“By the time the event ended he was pretty intoxicated, leading the charge to push on to another bar.”
The group moved on to a couple of other local pubs before stopping at The Factory in Maroochydore just after midnight where Commando, 37, continued to drink heavily and his outrageous flirting and overly affectionate behaviour continued.
“He was all over everyone,” confirms a nightclub staffer.“The security staff had to pull him up… he was being a bit of a pest on the dance floor, snogging anyone who was interested and falling all over the place.”
Even Steve’s chaperone pulled him aside twice to have a quiet word about his behaviour.
“You could tell he was getting a talking to,” we’re told. “The whole of Australia knows he’s with Michelle [Bridges] but he just shrugged it off and carried on having a ball.”
Others at the event say his behaviour shows his romance with fellow trainer Michelle Bridges could be on the rocks.
Michelle was spotted screaming down the phone at Commando while she waited to catch a flight recently.
“She was sitting in a corner and sobbing on the phone – it was obvious she was talking to Steve,” reports the passenger. A “terribly upset” Michelle was overheard saying, “Why didn’t you tell me, Steve?”
While Steve’s latest antics may seem unusual, friends of his former partner Froso say they aren’t surprised.
“Steve has a history of this kind of behaviour,” says one. “He left Froso for Michelle, and he left his wife before that for Froso, so it seems like it was going to happen eventually.”
This latest flirt fest isn’t the first sign that the pair are on the rocks. Onlookers have reported frosty exchanges between the pair at both the Logie Awards and the Instyle Women of the Year Awards.
“When the cameras pointed their way they posed up with big smiles, but once the attention was gone they barely looked at each other,” says the source.
“Things were definitely strained between them, very different from last year when Michelle was grinning from ear to ear like the cat that got the cream.”
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