Jesse betrayed: You’ve been lying to me for months

It turns out Michelle was only ever in it for the money!

Jesse and Michelle MAFS

She’s been stringing him along for weeks on end, forcing herself to pretend she might still feel something for him despite all signs suggesting otherwise.

But now it seems the real reason Michelle has been desperately trying to stay in the series is the promise of a super-sized paycheque!

In news that will likely crush Adelaide fruiterer Jesse’s heart, an insider reveals Michelle was lured onto the show with the promise of a hefty sum of money and a bonus if she stayed until the end.

For weeks fans have been commenting that something wasn’t quite right between the pair, calling Michelle out on social media.

“She needs to just call it quits, he’s getting hurt. She has no interest – it’s only 
for the cameras,” one upset fan wrote, while another posted: “Poor Jesse… She’s only after her 15 mins of fame.”

Michelle wasn't looking for love when she signed up for the show.
Michelle wasn't looking for love when she signed up for the show.

But our insider says Michelle’s betrayal dates back way before she met Jesse.

Sharon’s twin fell victim to the ways of the show’s clever producers, who saw the chance to capitalise on having the pair on the show.

Desperate to get her on board, they allegedly offered to double the girls’ weekly fee of $800 to $1600, with the added extra of bonuses for staying in together – although a Nine spokesperson denies the claim.

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