Former McLeod's Daughters stars Myles Pollard and Aaron Jeffery spill on the show's rumoured return

'I'd do anything for the fans'

Fans of much-loved Aussie drama McLeod's Daughters endured a lengthy "Will they, won't they?" reunion debate in 2017.
Sadly, hopes of a return to Drover's Run were dashed when series creator Posie Graeme-Evans confirmed "creative differences" had cut short plans to revive the show.
"Sequels are tricky things - there's so much at stake. I am writing this post to you to let you know that our negotiations with the Nine Network in Australia and a third party, introduced to us by Nine - and for whom the Sequel mini-series would have been made, as it turned out - have now concluded because we've pulled out."
She continued: "We feel that our potential new partners and ourselves turned out to see McLeods very differently. So, as of last week, we have respectfully declined to move forward with further negotiations."
From left to right: Bridie Carter, Simone Jade Mackinnon, Aaron Jeffery, Rachael Carpani, Myles Pollard and Sonia Todd.
McLeod's Daughters followed the lives of Claire McLeod and Tess Silverman McLeod, two half-sisters who reunite and run the family farm together.
The series ran for eight seasons from 2001. But could the show finally be set for a return in 2018?
"There is talk of a new series," Myles Pollard, 45, who played Nick Ryan for five seasons from 2001, tells TV WEEK. "That could be really exciting."
McLeod's Daughters could be ready to make it's return...
Myles' co-star Aaron Jeffery, who starred as Nick's brother, Alex, for seven seasons, says the cast will keep trying to secure a reboot.
"I'm totally up for anything to do with that," Aaron reveals. "We've got to keep trying.
"The fans on that show are the reason that we're even having this conversation," the 47-year-old actor adds.
"Anything we can do to pay them back for the love they've shown us."
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