Stealing underwear to scattering ashes: Myles Pollard just shared the craziest McLeod’s Daughters’ fan experiences from the show

Some of these stories are wild!

By Maddison Hockey
For eight years McLeod's Daughters was all we could talk about when it came to television. Can you blame us?
The beloved show became an instant success and now has fans around the world.
And yes, we're still waiting for that reboot to happen!
The love for the show has stood the test of time - it's been 11 years since it ended - but at the height of the craze, it seems people went a little, well, crazy.
"People turned up from all over the world, we even had people request to spread their parents' and grandparents' ashes on the property," Myles Pollard, who played Nick on the show, told Hit FM Perth.
"It really was a bit of a cult."
Myles played Nick, love interest to Tess (Brydie Carter). Image: Supplied
Arriving in bus loads to South Australia where the show was filmed, Myles says fans often also turned up to his home in the Barossa Valley.
"I remember having all my washing stolen off my line once," he revealed.
"We had tourist coaches that would visit and I was living up the road from Aaron Jefferys, so they would come out and watch us hang our washing up. Strangest experience of my life."
The cast recently reunited for live shows. Image: Instagram
Since his time on McLeod's, Myles has gone on to star in Home And Away, Jasper Jones and Mystery Road.
But the father of one says even the beloved Summer Bay can't compare to Drover's Run.
When asked which show he preferred, Myles said: "McLeod's, without a doubt, it was a crazy experience."
"We got to ride horses every day, motorbikes and work on a $450,000 a week production that was exported all over the world. I was very fortunate."

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