Babies, weddings and drama galore! Here's what you can expect from the upcoming McLeod's Daughters movie

Saddle up kids, a new McLeod's Daughters movie is officially in the works!

By Chloe Lal
Right now, die-hard McLeod's Daughters fans are rejoicing over the news the cult TV show is set to make a triumphant return on the silver screen.
And while we've been figuratively dancing in a ring with our Akubra hats raised, cracking those whips in delight, we've also got to stop and ask ourselves: what plot lines can the McLeod's movie actually explore?
Logistically speaking, it's been a whole 11 years since the show left our screens.
There have been deaths, kidnappings, amnesia, people gallivanting to Africa and even the casual faked death.
So, where now for the gang from Drovers Run, we hear you cry?
We've recapped where we left each of our favourites from McLeod's Daughters while taking a stab in the dark to figure out how they'll fit into a new movie format.
For now you can relive the series' very best moments in the video player below... Keep scrolling for more McLeods

Claire McLeod - DEAD

Lisa Chappell as Claire.
Where we left off?
For anyone who hasn't watched more than two minutes of the show, Claire McLeod is very much dead.
One of the most beloved characters on the series, Claire provided some of the most gripping moments on McLeods.
Reconnecting with her half sister Tess, making us all wish we worked on a farm... That ridiculously hot romance with Alex Ryan.
And who can forget when she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl Charlotte, who she nicknamed BOM - Baby of McLeod.
Alex and Claire were soulmates.
Lisa, who played Claire, revealed, "This was the hardest shoot ever. It took two days!"
But then in 2003, in the second last episode of Season Three the absolute unimaginable happened.
Claire McLeod DIED.
She and Tess were driving in the ute with baby Charlotte when they were in accident.
Claire, being peak selfless Claire made her sister get out, saving her and the baby.
As we all would remember, the beloved farmed plunged to her death.
Speaking to TV Week about the heart-wrenching moment, actress Lisa Chappell, confessed, "That was so sad."
It was meant to be Claire and Tess till the end... Not Season Three.
"I knew I was saying goodbye to a wonderful family of people I had worked with, and I was also saying goodbye to Claire."
To be completely honest we're still reeling over it.
Where can Claire go in the McLeod's Daughters movie?
Unless Drover's Run hires a witch as a new farm hand, we're guessing Claire will probably remain six feet under.
But, there is hope. There's no reason why she can't appear in any of the living character's dreams?
Or her daughter Charlotte could return. Technically, she'd be 17 today, meaning she is only one year younger than her mum was when she ran the farm.
Charlotte, who lives with her dad Peter Johnson (he was the actual worst and has no place in the McLeod's movie), could return to Drovers Run and channel her mum's tougher-than-nails persona.
Come on McLeod's creators, you can giveth and you can taketh.

Tess McLeod-Ryan - ALIVE

Bridie Carter portrayed Tess
Where we left off?
A win for the people, Tess McLeod is still alive...
And please let's keep it that way.
The second eldest daughter of Jack McLeod stayed on the show till the end of Season Six.
In that time Tess lost a sister, dated both Ryan brothers, survived nearly drowning in a silo and had a kid.
She did for a hot second, have a very sizzling romance with vet Dave Brewer but she ultimately married Nick Ryan.
There was a moment when Tess thought her main squeeze had carked it.
Nick was presumed dead after a plane crash in Argentina but it was later revealed that he had been mugged before boarding the plane, and had spent months unconscious in a hospital.
An obvious misunderstanding that could have really happened to anyone.
The couple were thankfully reunited and left the Drovers Run for a new life in Argentina.
Tess was such a breath of fresh air.
Where can Tess go in the McLeod's Daughters movie?
Since she's alive and kicking, Tess technically can come back!
Bridie Carter, who portrayed the farmer, infamously never returned to the show.
But time heals all wounds and we're hoping Mrs Ryan has had enough of Argentina and returns to Drovers Run.
Plus, the actress was nominated for six Logies during her time on the show... If you ask us, the people want her back!
Guys, it's time to leave Argentina!

Jodi McLeod-Bosnich - ALIVE

Jodi was played by Rachael Carpani.
Where we left off?
Holy heck... Poor Jodi.
The youngest of the McLeods girls, Jodi really had a rough trot.
For the record, she's totally alive.
But she went through some major paternity issues, gets married, gets divorced, gets kidnanpped, dates a guy who is in the witness protection program, then she apparently dies in an explosion.
Don't worry - she continued hooking up with Matt (said protected witness) and the pair simply faked their deaths to avoid being murdered... Who ever said living in the country was idyllic never went to Drovers Run.
In the very last episode, Jodi was pregnant and the criminals who were after her man, were now in jail.
Where can Jodi go in the McLeod's Daughters movie?
We expect Jodi and Matt would have a very cute kid, who's around ten years old. They're probably running the show on the farm, and fingers crossed they have some new junior farm babies helping them out.
Poor Jodi!

Becky Howard - ALIVE

Jessica played young Becky Howard.
Where we left off?
Becky was the best! She was only on the show for three seasons, but we think it's time she returns.
We first met the bubbly blonde as one of the barmaids at Gungellan Pub & Hotel.
After her boss raped her, Claire offered her a job on the farm and she took to it like a duck to water.
Fans of the show will cherish her romance with Brett 'Brick' Buchanon, a station hand at Killarney. Poor Becky thought he left her to go to Queensland to look after his uncle, but thanks to a dream, she discovered his dead body near bridge.
She goes on to fall in love with Jake and the pair move away, where the pretty blonde accepts a scholarship at an agricultural college.
Where can Becky go in the McLeod's Daughters movie?
Clearly she needs to return. She and Jake can help run the farm and life will be swell.
Maybe she can make a bridge in honour of Brick... It should be built out of Bricks.
Becky and Jake left the show at the end of Season Three.

Brett "Brick" Buchanon - DEAD

Where we left off?
We've established that Brick is well and truly gone... But we have hope for him.
Where can Brick go in the McLeod's Daughters movie?
Maybe he secretly fathered a child that we don't know about or he could team up with all the dead McLeods and they can kindly watch over the farm.
Just a thought.
Relive the moment Becky finds Brick... Article continues

Alexander Marion "Alex" Ryan - DEAD

Aaron played Alex Ryan, the owner of Killarney, neighbouring property of Drover's Run.
Where we left off?
As happy as we are that McLeod's is back... Reliving all these deaths is too much for our hearts.
ALEX RYAN is gone. It's as hard for us as it is for you.
For seven seasons, the beloved farmer had some real good moments. His incredible romance with childhood bestie Claire - let's not forget he was going to pop the question before she died.
He was killed in an early episode of the final season after being crushed in a freak accident.
We feel you, Stevie.
He discovered his dad wasn't his dad, he married a brat from the city, only to accept that his true love (other than Claire) was Stevie.
They even married and it was perfect... Until he decided it was time to go, dying after being crushed by a large tree branch.
And once again McLeods crushed a nation...
Things could have been so different.
Where can Alex go in the McLeod's Daughters movie?
He never got to meet his son with Stevie, but little Alexander 'Xander' Hall Ryan, could definitely be his dad's mini me.
Or, as previously discussed - he could help co-chair the Dead People of McLeods association.
Also, more importantly... Since both he and Claire are no longer living, does that mean they were actually meant to be?

Nicholas Garry "Nick" Ryan - ALIVE

Nick was portrayed by Myles Pollard.
Where we left off?
Alex's little brother Nick is happily living in Argentina with his wife Tess.
Where can Nick go in the McLeod's Daughters movie?
He really just needs to follow Tess' lead... She's the boss.
Time to come back, guys!

Stevie Hall-Ryan - ALIVE

Simmone Jade MacKinnon was Stevie.
Where we left off?
Oh my word... STEVIE.
We met her just before Claire died in Season Three, the duo were old mates.
Stevie, played by Simmone Jade Mackinnon, was on the show right till the end, and boy did she go through ringer.
Her ups and downs with Tess, actually confessing to being Rose's mum, taking on Drover's Run single-handedly - all whilst falling in then out then back in love with Alex.
We thought it was forever...
The pair eventually married in Season Seven, only for her hubby to die in the following year.
Stevie, who was heavily pregnant, gave birth shortly after his death. She named their newborn son Alexander in honour of the father he would never meet.
The vibrant red-head saved the farm and we saw her one last time, with the entire gang celebrating her little boy's first birthday.
Where can Stevie go in the McLeod's Daughters movie?
As one of the few cast members who shared the news of the reboot, Stevie is no doubt going to be back and better than ever.
With Xander's parentage, our money's on her little boy running amok on Drovers Run. And here's hoping Stevie runs straight into someone's arms.

Meg Rivers Fountain-Dodge - ALIVE

Sonia Todd and John Jarratt played Meg and Terry.
Where we left off?
Jodi's mum and longtime housekeeper on Drover's Run, Meg, is alive, in love and doing great.
So she accidentally had an affair way back when... It resulted in Jodi McLeod and at the end of the day we're all the better for it.
Where can Meg go in the McLeod's Daughters movie?
We're hoping she's written more books, still happily married to Terry Dodge and loving life as a nan to her Jodi's bub.

Dave Brewer - ALIVE

Brett Tucker was Dave.
Where we left off?
The county's banging vet still has a pulse... Which gives us more joy that actor Brett Tucker's Cleo centrefolds.
The beloved widow dated Tess and Reagan but his heart lies with Kate. We last saw Dave in Africa, where he is no doubt chucking a Prince Harry and saving all the endangered animals.
Where can Dave go in the McLeod's Daughters movie?
Since Kate's back at Drover's Run, we're guessing Dave will make a return. Maybe the show will open to their wedding.
We could really go for a McLeod's Wedding. Take note, producers.
So he dated Tess...
All is forgiven thanks to this moment.

Kate Maria Due Manfredi - ALIVE

Michala Banas portrayed Kate.
Where we left off?
Jodi's school bestie, Kate is all sass. We still laugh at her "5-year plan".
She went through the paces, falling for many wrong guys before finding love with the right one, Dave.
Technically they're no longer together, and she was last with Riley (who is presumed dead but we have no actual body).
Where can Kate go in the McLeod's Daughters movie?
Kate is probably still running her farm for at-risk youths, and we're hoping she is reunited with her rightful half, Dave.
And she sparked all the reboot chatter.

Special Mentions

We can't wait to see the cast back together again for the upcoming movie.
Regan McLeod - ALIVE
We last saw Tess and Claire's little cousin return to the farm, staying on to work with her family's legacy.
Patrick Brewer - ALIVE
Dave's little brother was the show's resident mechanic. At the end of the series he's with Tayler Geddes.
The beloved horse gentler was in a car accident at the end of Season Seven and his body was never found.
If we've learnt anything from the show, he's probably suffering from some amnesia and will be back any day now.