From Drover's Run to Gungellan: Every McLeod's Daughters location you can visit in real life

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By Catie Powers
Ever since it was confirmed that Aussie drama McLeod's Daughters was returning to our screens this year in the form of a movie, fans of the show have been waiting patiently to get another glimpse at the stunning Drover's Run.
If not for the dramatic story lines, McLeods fans were gripped to their screens from 2001 to 2009 by the bewitching South Australian countryside that underpinned the popular show.
From Drover's Run to Gungellan, we've uncovered the real-life locations of your favourite fictional towns before your fave McLeod characters reunite on the good old farm land.
Main characters and sisters Tess and Claire McLeod resided in the gorgeous country house of Drover's Run. (Nine)

Drover's Run

Here's where all the magic happened.
Main characters and sisters Tess and Claire McLeod resided in the gorgeous country house of Drover's Run. However, in real life, the beautiful estate goes by a very different name.
Located in the wine-producing Barossa Valley in South Australia, Drover's Run is really the luxury retreat known as Kingsford Homestead.
According to a report from Nine, before the breathtaking residence became a popular wedding venue, the estate was originally owned by media tycoon Kerry Packer back when he was head of the channel. The residence was then purchased by Stefan and Leanne Ahrens who are currently expanding the estate. How exciting!
The gorgeous estate of Drover's Run is actually called Kingsford Homestead. (Instagram)


The small town of Gungellan was constantly frequented by the McLeod's characters. But while beloved to fans everywhere, the fictional town is sadly just that - fictional.
The real destination where the characters left their boot marks is the town of Freeling which borders Barossa.
The townsfolk constantly frequented the truck stop. (Nine)

Gungellan Truck Stop

When the country folk wanted to grab some petrol for their cars or some essential supplies, the Gungellan Truck Stop was the place to go.
Sadly, while this landmark really exists in Freeling, it is not functional.
You can actually go the Gungellan Hotel for a feed! It just goes by a different name. (Nine)

Gungellan Hotel

Everyone knows that the glue of every small town is the pub. Well, actually it's the people. But the pub comes in at a close second.
While the McLeod's characters all constantly gathered at the Gungellan Hotel, if you're looking for a feed in real life, you better enter "Freeling Railway Hotel" into your maps.
The best part is, you don't just have to live vicariously through the picturesque images of the South Australian locations. There are tours available around the entirety of "Drover's Run" and "Gungellan" so you can fully immerse yourself into the life of a McLeod before the reboot hits our screens later in the year.

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