OMG! You'll never guess how much Matty J is being paid to be the Bachelor

And they say love don't cost a thing...

By Gabriella Del Grande
The moment it was confirmed that the ever-so-bloody-handsome Matthew Johnson AKA Matty J was going to be The Bachelor, we nearly had a heart attack.
But then when we found out just how much he's being paid to be on the show and find his happily ever after... And honestly, we were very close to flat-lining.
To the lucky girl who gets this, we're eternally jealous!
According to The Daily Telegraph the 30-year-old marketing director and mega-babe is cashing in a crazy $200,000 for his second chance at finding love.
Although it's a pretty penny, when you consider everything the poor boy's been through - including quitting a dream job to star on The Bachelorette only to be broken up with in front of the entire nation - it's definitely a well-deserved pay cheque.
Chatting exclusively to OK!, the new Bachie admitted he couldn't be happier about his second chance at love.
“I feel so privileged that I’ve been given the opportunity to be The Bachelor."
"Without question, the most exciting part is the chance to meet the girl I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.”
Meanwhile, Matty also mused to the Daily Telegraph that he isn't concerned about suffering from "the biggest blue balls" - as former Bachie Richie] so eloquently put it - while getting to know the girls vying for his heart.
"The whole process is quite conducive to getting to know someone quite well."
"It’s over a three-month period and you do get to know someone without having the interference of sex and work and friends and everything else," he added.
"You get to know someone and it’s just about your connection ... sex can overshadow getting to know someone."
No doubt whoever gets that final rose will be WELL worth the wait.

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