Could a punt at the TAB have accidentally revealed the winner of MasterChef?

An anonymous customer placed a very large bet. Do they know something we don't?

By Anita Lyons
Here at Now to Love, we do not like a spoiler - in fact, we love to watch reality TV along with the rest of the country - especially when it comes to a finale.
However, after a punter dropped $2,200 betting on a specific Masterchef contestant to win the show, we are now wondering if this has in fact, ruined everything.
While we can't know for sure if this person knows more than we do, today TAB announced that an anonymous backer had placed the $2,200 on Australia's very own Prince Harry, Tim Bone.
When the bet was placed Tim's odds were at $10, meaning the punter is set to earn a whopping $22,000 if the Ballarat local wins the show.
Tim's odds have now been slashed to $6.00, with Larissa Takchi tipped the win show at $1.30.
Could Tim Bone be the winner of Masterchef, based on a bet? (Source: Network Ten)
If you're thinking this is a sure-fire bet, than you may need to think again, because Network Ten keep their cards very close to their chest.
In a recent interview with MIX 102.3's Jodie & Soda, judge Matt Preston revealed the process that keeps anyone from finding out the winner.
"We re-create the final reveal of the scores, complete with the same scorecards, so they actually stand there with their loved ones and get to watch the real thing unfold," Matt said.
"'So one of them has been sitting there for a couple of months not knowing," before adding, "There is normally a situation where the winner kind of suspects but can't let themselves admit to it, and the loser is hoping against hope that that six is going to be upside down and it's going to be a nine."
But who will be the REAL winner? (Source: Network Ten)
This isn't the first time that secrets of the Masterchef kitchen have been revealed this season.
Eliminated contestant Steph confirmed to TV WEEK that the dishes they bring up to the judges are actually cold!
"They try our dish as we're cooking it," Steph reveals. "They'll wander around and stick a spoon in our sauce and really watch what we're doing.
"They've pretty much tasted most elements of our food before we've even plated it. They do taste it cold [at the end], but they taste it hot too."
Despite the multiple taste-tests, Steph says the contestants truly can't tell what the judges are thinking until they're told at the end of the cooking challenge.
"We really don't know what their feedback is," she says. "They have poker faces and you can't read them."