Masterchef Australia Winner Sashi looks back on his record-breaking win

“I’m living the dream”

By TV Week team
Life changed immeasurably for former prison guard Sashi Cheliah in 2018.
After being crowned winner of MasterChef Australia – with a record-breaking score of 93/100 in the finale – a whole new world of opportunities has opened up for him.
"The show has turned my life upside down," Sashi, 39, tells TV WEEK.
"I'm doing what I love: cooking for a living. What more can I ask? It was one of the best decisions I've made in my life."
2018 Masterchef Australia winner Sashi Cheliah.
The father-of-two says he's currently working on several things.
"I have plans to open a restaurant and to write a cookbook," he says.
Sashi says the experience of MasterChef was invaluable – for himself and his loved ones.
"I've watched the show for a long time and it's been a family favourite since we came to Australia," he says.
"It [winning] meant a lot for me and my family. The show has motivated people like me to achieve my dream."
Sashi in action.
Previously speaking to TV WEEK after his win, the chef wanted to spend time investing in his knowledge of other areas surrounding food.
"[I want] to learn more about the food industry. I know I can cook good food, but cooking alone is not everything in the food industry." he said.
"I want to have some training. I want to learn about how to run a proper business, run a restaurant and how to employ people. There are a lot of things for me to learn."
Sashi with his family.
Apart from his outstanding win, Sashi has good reason to be proud of his time on the series.
He also took out the title of the first ever MasteChef Australia contestant to earn two immunity pins, and received great praise from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay for his roast lamb and beer battered cauliflower recipe.
"That was worth travelling 17,000 kilometers for, let me tell you! It's got heart!" Gordon said.
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