MasterChef Australia's Tamara: ‘My husband lost 15kg!’

Tamara Graffen reveals absence made the stomach grow empty for her hubby Tim.

By Erin Miller
When Tamara Graffen left the MasterChef Australia competition, her husband Tim had a completely new look.
Tamara, 28, from Broome tells TV WEEK that Tim dropped 15kg during the months she was away filming the TV series in Melbourne.
“I’m definitely a feeder, and he’s always said that to me, but now I actually believe it,” Tamara says laughing.
It turns up Tim didn’t use the kitchen too much while she was away, and it was a pretty sparse pantry that greeted Tamara when she arrived home following her elimination in fourth place.

“When I came home there was the worst mystery box in the world – there was basically a brown onion, a tub of almond milk and a banana – and that was it in the house,” she says.
“So I had a lot of work to do to replenish the house when I got home.”
Post trip to the supermarket to stock up the house, Tamara adds it was fantastic to be home with Tim again after missing their first wedding anniversary during filming of the series.

“He was so proud and he knew how hard the whole journey was,” Tamara says.
“When I was eliminated the first time, I leant on him a lot for support and he was happy if I came home at that point, but he knew I had unfinished business and that I wanted to go as far as I could.
“I couldn’t have done it without him.”

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