Married at First Sight's Keller has a tattoo, where?!

Married at First Sight‘s groom Keller is covered from head to toe in tattoos, and he’s apparently got one in a very er, private spot too! On his penis!
Yep, the 26-year-old told The Fix that he has a small tattoo of a love heart on his peen, which as given to him by a mate. Um, okay then?!
What’s more, Keller was underage when he got the inking, and it was a home job – done in the backyard with a dodgy tattoo gun.
“I got it done when I was about 17. My mate had a tattoo gun at his house, and we all had a few drinks,” he said. Clearly…
Keller also revealed that his bride Nicole has seen the tattoo. We guess their first night together went well then?!
“She just said that I was an idiot [and] couldn’t believe that I’d got it done,” he explained.
All we can say is, OUCH!!!

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