All the Married at First Sight behind-the-scenes secrets exposed

Who was forced to kiss? What went down at the reunion? OK! uncovers all the juicy details.

By OK! team
There were tears, there were tantrums, and now with the hit reality show coming to an end, OK! has discovered what really went on behind-the-scenes of Married at First Sight starting from the application process, right down to the upcoming reunion episodes.
Here's a snippet at what went down when the cameras weren't rolling. For even more goss, grab a copy of OK! magazine, on stands this Thursday.

The Application Process

"It was full-on," Sharon admits of the reality show’s long-winded audition experience. "It was months and months of questionnaires, paperwork, psych tests, phone calls and one-on-one interviews."
Once the paperwork is done, a police check is ordered and then the experts take over, with Dr Trisha Stratford telling OK! that up to 14 weeks can be spent matchmaking. Wowsers!

The Weddings

As if marrying a stranger isn’t awkward enough, within hours of first meeting their TV spouse the Married at First Sight contestants kiss for the cameras, too.
Runaway bride Lauren tells OK!, "You are kind of pushed to [kiss] because of the photos." How unromantic! But little about the day is exactly a fairytale, with the brides not even able to choose their own gowns.
"The wedding dress that I actually wanted was taken away from me because one of the other brides [wanted it]," tells Lauren.

The Dinner Parties

The dinner parties should be called sleepovers considering how long they actually go for. "They’d start at around 6pm and go into the early hours," shares Nadia. As for alcohol consumption, as viewers know courtesy of "naughty Nick" making an regular appearance, there was a lot of grog going around.
As Jesse tells: "I don’t usually drink, but I was tipsy once or twice… as you can probably guess by some of the things I did at the dinner parties," he laughs.

The Reunions

Get set for the explosive reunion episodes. All of the contestants return with plenty of awkward moments and fiery showdown, and that’s only the start of it. The pressure and drama behind the scenes, which spiralled out of control to the point where Scarlett reportedly smashed into a police car after being pursued by producers, was next-level, according to a source close to the set.
So what made Scarlett’s night head downhill? According to a set insider, it had something to do with Cheryl confronting her over the text messages she shared with Jonathan that had her "fed up" with the evening. But it wasn’t a complete loss, as Scarlett apparently left a considerable impression on Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones.
The following day was even more intense for the MAFS cast - they all had to come together in front of the experts and reopen some old wounds. Expect meltdowns galore and some touching loved-up moments. Can’t wait!
The reunion episodes look set to be juicy!
For more MAFS secrets OK! has uncovered, pick up a copy of the magazine on stands this Thursday.
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