Married At First Sight recap episode 24

Double the decisions, double the tension, double the drama.

Yep, tonight we saw it all on Married At First Sight as the twins and their husbands undertook the vow renewal commitment ceremonies!
Double The Drama
With Sharon and Michelle farewelling their respective hubby's and returning to their WA hometown, you'd think the two would be the luckiest of all the experiment participants. After all, not only have they gone through the entire MAFS experiment together but they actually know each other's partner really well.
In theory, they're the perfect sounding board for one another ahead of the final vow renewal ceremony. Unfortunately it doesn't end up that way – and Snapchat is to blame! Sharon is none too impressed when she learns that her husband Nick and twin Michelle have connected via Snapchat. Sharon was already feeling sensitive about whether Nick could be trusted, so this new revelation leaves her in a tizzy…
Double The Tension
The whole episode sees Sharon and Michelle along with their partners Nick and Jesse taking time away from one another to consider where their relationship is at. Each person talks to their respective loved ones before putting pen to paper to write their final vows. Bottom line? Everything is seriously up in the air and you have no idea which way things are going to go!
When each set of couples finally reunites at their respective vow renewal ceremonies, the tension only intensifies! Both boys speak first. For Nick, this means laying it all on the line – even ending his personalised vows with those three little words: 'I love you'. Aww! Meanwhile, Jesse also reveals his true feelings, nervously reading his vows while looking positively towards their future as a couple. The final decision rests in both ladies' hands…
Double The Decisions
Boy did the twins leave us on the edge of our seat! For starters, Michelle has been dancing around the fact that she's been unsure of her feelings for Jesse for weeks. From the moment they met, she's struggled to define the relationship as anything more than just a friendship. As Michelle stared into Jesse's hopeful eyes at the vow renewal, you could feel what was coming: she's just not into him like that. A crushed Jesse takes the news hard, but there's also a sense of relief to the finality. No more games.
Then, if you thought Sharon was going to have an easy decision, think again! The rocky final few days of the experiment has clearly weighed heavily on Sharon's mind. Even after Nick declared his love for her minutes earlier, Sharon is at pains to point out in her vows that she has her concerns about Nick's readiness for a serious relationship. Every time the camera crosses back to Nick's face, you can practically see his little heart breaking inch by inch! But just when you think all is lost and that Sharon is about to dump him, the tone of her vows start to shift. Sharon isn't about to turn her back on the love that's forming between them, and she agrees to stay with Nick. (And practically gives him a heart attack in the process!)
Four couples have now made their decision at the vow commitment ceremonies. What will the final two couples Anthony and Nadia and Sean and Susan decide? Tune in to the next episode to find out!
Story by Sharon Goldstein Hunt

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