Married At First Sight recap episode 23

It was decision time for the couples.

Tonight saw the experiment officially come to an end and two of the couples had to make a decision about their future at the official vow renewal ceremony.
First things first – it was time to pack up and move out of the apartments! But before the packing got too far underway, Anthony had a surprise in store for Nadia – birthday balloons! It’s the first time we’d seen Nadia crack a smile since the previous night’s dinner party. But will it be enough to save the relationship?
Speaking of the dinner party, things were more up in the air than ever with Nick and Sharon. The honesty question session re-opened old wounds about Nick’s party boy past – and left Sharon wondering if they could make it in the real world. As the pair said their goodbye, Sharon was left wondering if being away from Nick will see him reverting to old ways.
Meanwhile, as Jesse and Michelle parted ways, you could tell Michelle was questioning whether the relationship is anything more than friends…
The second half of the episode is where things got serious! Ahead of the important decision, Andy and Vanessa and Simon and Alene moved out of their apartments and headed to their respective hometowns. It’s there that they had the chance to reconnect with family and friends to get their advice on the relationship and write their vows.
At home, Vanessa and Andy’s loved ones had some interesting opinions on the relationship. Their chalk-and-cheese personalities have not gone unnoticed. Opposites may attract, but their close friends and family were concerned there may be too much of a difference between them.
Could it be long-lasting love for Vanessa and Andy?
Both Vanessa and Andy took these concerns on board, but ultimately when they met up at the vow renewal ceremony, their decision was in synch. Andy revealed he wanted to stay together beyond the experiment and Vanessa echoed his sentiment. Aww!
Meanwhile, Alene and Simon also returned to their hometown – but not without a totally adorable farewell! These two seemed genuinely upset at the prospect of having to spend time apart.
Back in their hometowns, Simon’s close friend note that he has finally opened up and sees a bright future for them as a couple. However Alene’s outspoken best friend was slightly less optimistic. After voicing her concerns about the nature of a long distance relationship, Alene agreed to bear her opinion in mind.
When the two met up for their vow renewal ceremony, even before they spoke it was clear where their heads were at. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other! Simon may have held back at times during the experiment but tonight he put all his cards on the table – he wants to be with Alene. Luckily for him, she is equally smitten in return and the pair agreed to stay together.
These two couples have ridden off into the sunset after their vow renewal ceremonies. But how will the remaining couples fare? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

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