Manu Feildel and Adam BUSTED as My Kitchen Rules besties

My Kitchen Rules judge Manu Feildel revealed to be great pals with MKR contestant Adam Anderson in new photos.

Manu Fieldel Adam Anderson

My Kitchen Rules judge Manu Feildel is revealed to be great pals with MKR contestant and tennis coach Adam Anderson in new photos show that will no doubt shock MKR contestants and fans alike.

On air, Manu and Adam are on opposite sides of the table, but off-camera the judge and contestant hugged and clasped hands like close friends, sharing laughs as they met up for a tennis match.

Their outing comes just days after Adam was accused of being a deadbeat dad by his disgruntled ex-wife, Cindy who unleashed a blistering spray in a televised interview claiming he was bankrupt and hasn’t been paying child support.

She also accused the former Tennis champion of having personal ties to co-host Pete Evans.

“He has known Pete Evans, he knows him through tennis, through coaching him,” Cindy, who was married to Adam for 20 years, controversially told A Current Affair. “It’s such a conflict of interest.”

The timing of their outing together couldn’t be more awkward as MKR reaches boiling point, with Adam and wife Carol Molloy fighting the other contestants for survival and a chance to take home the $250,000 prize money.

The photos were snapped in Sydney just days after Manu welcomed his daughter into the world with fiancee Clarissa Weerasena.

The pictures will leave fans asking whether it’s OK for the pair to be pals off set.

After My Kitchen Rules came under fire for Cindy’s claims about Adam’s connection to Pete Evans, a Seven spokesperson was quick to rubbish her allegations.

“All claims that Pete Evans knew contestant Adam Anderson prior to this series are total rubbish,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “There’s not a skerrick of evidence to support these claims.”

These photos do, however, suggest Manu and Adam are pals.

See all the dubious photos and read all about Manu and Adam’s connection, only in Woman’s Day, on sale 9th March.

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