The Dowager is scheming again! Maggie Smith has VERY strong views about the Downton Abbey movie

But things aren't looking very grand for her character…

By TV Week team
As rumours of a Downton Abbey film gain momentum, Dame Maggie Smith reveals she has the perfect opening storyline if the film was to actually happen.
However, it’s not particularly good news for the Dowager Countess... Dame Maggie thinks the death of her character would set the entire scene for the film.
“I was firmly convinced it would start with the funeral,” she said on BFI & Radio Times Television Festival.
“I thought it would be a bit like that,” she said. “I could croak it. It would just start with the body. But I don’t know.”
The 82-year-old went on to say she’s not convinced the film will go ahead.
“They talk about there being a film, but who knows?” she admitted.
We'd love to see a Downton Abbey reunion.
Creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellows, supports the idea of a Downton movie and reports that a script has, in fact, been written and the cast have all seen it.
Maggie is not convinced that a film would capture the audience’s interest.
“I just think it’s squeezing it dry, do you know what I mean?” she added. “I don’t know what it could possibly be. It was so meandering what would you? Anyway that’s not my problem. That’s the Lord’s (Julian Fellowes) problem.”
And it looks like it’s a problem he may have already solved, as Jim Carter, who plays Mr Carson, recently revealed that the cast have all been asked to keep certain dates clear for filming in the future.
Michelle Dockery, who played Lady Mary on the series, is also hopeful for a Downton reunion.
"I miss the show and my friends on the show,” she told E!
As far as conformation on whether the film was going ahead Michelle admitted, “I don't know when, but I'm hopeful.”

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