Someone pass us the spew bucket, stat! MAFS' Troy says Carly "popped his cherry"

There's no such thing as TMI for this reality TV power couple!

By Bella Brennan
Marred At First Sight might be done and dusted but the show's breakout stars Carly and Troy aren't going anywhere soon!
On Thursday, the couple make yet another loved-up appearance, playing tonsil hockey and all, on KIIS FM's Kyle & Jackie O's radio show.
Naturally it didn't take long for Kyle Sandilands to ask them about their sex life.
And it's about now that we should warn you with a big, fat disclaimer to stop reading if you don't have a strong stomach...
"The first night you two made love, what were you thinking Troy? What goes through your mind, you'd want to be a legend?" Kyle creepily quizzed.
To which the enthusiastic toothbrusher responded, in a cheeky nod to claims he's a 35-year-old virgin, "Well Carly actually popped my cherry!"
"A you really a virgin," Kyle asked.
To which Troy stuttered, "Ahhhhh...."
"Hang on a minute, hang on a minute! This is news to me," a shocked Carly chimed in.

Kyle then explained Troy's sister had recently alleged that the MAFS groom was still on his V plates.
But Troy finally set the record straight.
"It would have been nice to have waited for such an incredible girl like Carly," he said.
"But you've been through a few before?" Kyle probed.
"Maybe one or two," Troy revealed.

Earlier in the month, Troy shut down his estranged sister's wild claims but confessed he was late to lose his virginity.
"I was maybe a little later in life when I did discover the birds and bees," he told NW.
"I was 19 or 20 and went to college in America and came back a man."
Good to know then!
Tongues out for Troy and Carly!
Meanwhile, it's full steam ahead for Troy, who was originally matched with Ash, and Carly, who was married to Justin, as the couple confirm to TV WEEK they're moving in together THIS weekend.
"I'm packing my things basically as we speak and I'm hoping that we will be settled into the new place by Sunday," Troy said of his big move from Sydney to Carly's hometown of Melbourne.
Added Carly: "I've recently just moved into a new place, a bigger place for both of us."