MAFS’s Nadia speaks out after being dumped by Anthony

Nadia admits there’s no bad blood between her and Anthony.

Nadia’s relationship with Anthony was cringe-worthy to watch on Married At First Sight this season.
And tonight it reached a dramatic new low, after the pair, who had only recently decided to stay together during the vow renewal ceremony amid a wave of social media backlash, arrived at the reunion dinner separately.
It was revealed both were no longer together.

And while Nadia is still trying to figure out just why the race caller ended things between them so unexpectedly, she refuses to let it get her down.
In fact, the flight-attendant says the experiment has made her a stronger person.
“This show has really taught me a lot about myself,” Nadia tells TV WEEK.
“What holds me back? What makes me happy in a relationship and what am I comfortable with and where my boundaries are. It’s made me re-establish myself as a person.”

And despite the public backlash over decision to stay with Anthony at the vow renewal ceremony recently, Nadia says being paired with Anthony only reaffirmed everything she stood for and her values as a woman.
“I’m proud to stand by my values,” she says.
“I don’t need to be swayed by what society or people expect. At the end of the day, I’m Nadia and I own myself and my body.”
The couple on their wedding day.
So now that Anthony is no longer in the picture, what’s next for the brunette beauty?
“I’m just looking to find compatibility,” Nadia says of her perfect partner.
And as far as reality TV is concerned, Nadia is in no rush to sign up for any other social experiments, especially with rumours of who the new Bachelorette will be for this season.
“I’m too old for The Bachelorette,” she laughs.
“To be honest, it’s never been a consideration. I’m really just trying to get through this and move forward. I’m hoping to chill and find a happy relationship – and one that’s not televised.”

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