“It’s pretty disappointing!” Craig Keller hits back at Nicole Heir

The Married At First Sight season three star speaks to NTL about his ex-wife’s claims.

By Bella Brennan
Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more MAFS plot twists, Nicole Heir from last year’s series has dropped a major bombshell about her former TV husband.
Speaking to, the 28-year-old said she felt so unsafe around Craig Keller that she asked producers to pull the pin on a dinner party they were planning to film.
“I came home from work [on a Friday evening] and the house was a pigsty, there was a smashed glass… he’d been drinking all day,” Nicole alleged.
“He was off work on compo [worker’s compensation] so he’d been taking strong pain relief with alcohol and no sleep.”
The teacher also says Craig was abusive towards a producer and had an issue with booze and pain meds.
Chatting to Now To Love, the youth worker has slammed her story as "b-------."
“It was a s----- thing to wake up to this morning, it’s pretty disappointing,” Craig says.
Keller denies Nicole's series of events.
“It’s all rubbish. It honestly is emotionally draining. I went on the show for the right reasons, I went on there looking for love.”
"Obviously I didn’t find it but I found a newfound confidence in myself and it’s helped me find the love that I have today with [current partner] Katie,” he explains.
“As I said, there is a reason why I’m in a relationship now and she’s going on dates with Gable Tostee. She’s trying to drag on my coattails or she’s trying to stay in her 15 minutes of fame.”

Keller also insists a dinner party was never on the cards and they had agreed for a night out on the town with their respective mates.
“Her and her friends were a bit upper-class and were talking down to us a bit,” he reveals.
“Then they said they were going to go to a different bar and said we weren’t suited at that bar.”
Keller also refutes Nicole’s accusations he had any kind of addiction.
“There was a period where I hurt my back at work and I was off for four days, my boss didn’t treat me right. I ended up quitting,” he tells us.
“She said I was on work cover and pain medication which is all untrue. Do you know how bad that looks?”
The youth worker has labelled his ex's story as "b-------."
Thankfully, Keller has the full support of his girlfriend.
“She said no matter what happens I’ll stick by you. I’m super happy that she’s got my back,” he says.
Adding, “I know the truth. If I was a bad person and she was scared for her safety, why did she stay with me? When the show came on TV, we watched it in a hotel on the Gold Coast.”
“We watched the honeymoon episode together, we hooked up a little bit… I’ve been on dates with her after the show!”
The MAFS star does admit to one regret – the fact he’s not on this season of the show.
“I was really ticked off when they started doing those commitment ceremonies and the experts were telling them why they expertly matched them. I never got that and I really wish I knew why we were matched. There was so much more that they got out of their experience.”
As for who his favourite cast members are, Keller is Team Cheryl.
“Cheryl is the cash cow of the season, they put a lot of effort into her and that’s why she got the biggest following. I don’t think anyone else was that interesting.”