Andrew’s explosive night at Cheryl’s

His friends want to set the record straight.

Days after WA firefighter Andrew Jones revealed he’s been forced into hiding after slamming on-screen “wife” Cheryl Maitland on TV, Woman’s Day has uncovered shocking new details behind their now infamous spat.
And not everything is as it appears.
Friends close to Andrew – who’s been blasted by viewers for his shocking behaviour and even labelled “Australia’s most hated man” – have come forward in a bid 
to save their mate’s tarnished reputation and reveal the truth about what happened between the pair, including dishing the details on Cheryl’s night with another man!
Our source says it was in the midst of Andrew’s explosive visit to Cheryl’s Gold Coast home in late November that things really started to unravel.
“Cheryl’s dad was the least of his worries!”
Keen for Andrew to meet her nearest and dearest friends, Cheryl, 25, planned a night out to lavish Broadbeach nightspot East.
WATCH: Cheryl talks about her disastrous home visit. Post continues after the video...
But it soon went downhill for 38-year-old Andrew when he was suddenly attacked.
“One of Cheryl’s friends was so drunk, she fired up at Andrew. The girl was so enraged she crawled across the table and pushed him in the neck with her high heel until he left.”
“She even managed to break the skin!” reveals Andrew’s buddy, adding the mark was still visible during filming days later.
Andrew’s friend says Cheryl, who’s no stranger to controversy – a video of her snorting a white substance off her right breast surfaced last month – wasn’t bothered when Andrew told her what had happened.
“He went back to the table 30 minutes later and Cheryl couldn’t have been less interested.”
Cheryl "couldn't have been less interested" when her friend allegedly attacked Andrew.
Andrew went back to Cheryl’s place – but he was in for another nasty surprise. “Cheryl got home as the sun was coming up and climbed into bed with Andrew – and so did the guy she’d brought home with her!”
to escape the uncomfortable situation, Andrew drove to the beach and called the show’s producers, begging them to let him leave the series early.
Despite being initially sympathetic, they told him he had to stay.
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