Wipes away those tears, Australia: MAFS' Sean and Susan may actually still be TOGETHER

Hearts across the country shattered last night as MAFS sweethearts Sean and Susan ended their 'marriage'. But it turns out things aren't over - they're only just beginning.

By NW team
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Our jaws dropped last night when Married at First Sight's Susan told her ‘husband’ Sean she didn’t want to be with him anymore in their final vow renewal ceremony.

So. Many. Tears.

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And while most of the country are still picking up the pieces of their shattered hearts, it turns out things may not actually be said and done for the couple.

Wait, what?!

“Just because we said we were going to leave the experiment, it doesn’t mean bang – that’s it!” Sean tells NW.

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Yep, according to the country Queensland farmer, he and Susan just can’t let each other go.

“We still talk after the experiment,” he admits, revealing that after the experiment, it didn’t feel like things were really ‘over’.

“We didn’t feel like that was it between us,” he says, adding that even though Susan made the decision to call it quits on the show, in the real world they’re working on putting their relationship back together.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t work on things outside the experiment. It just means that’s our final decision on camera – but it didn’t mean we couldn’t work on things after.”

We hope these two can work things out. They're so sweet together!
We hope these two can work things out. They're so sweet together!

Sounds like we better watch this space...

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