Married At First Sight's Jonesy finally admits to OK!: "I regret that moment"

The reality show contestant explains what drove him to do it.

By Carrissa Lawrie
Despite WA firefighter Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones insisting that, thanks to alcohol, he had no recollection of the jibes he made towards his TV partner Cheryl Maitland during Married at First Sight’s controversial boys’ night, witnessing recent episodes of the show jogged his memory. In an exclusive interview with OK!, the 38-year-old opened up to express his regret…
Seeing the boys’ night play out again, how are you feeling now?
I regret that moment – from my point of view I wasn’t in a good head space, I should’ve just stayed at home.
MAFS' Jonesy and Cheryl talk it out.
Why weren’t you in a good head space?
The [show’s] experiment can be brutal. In the outside world you have the ability to remove yourself from situations of conflict, but when you’re committed in this fashion it’s not as easy, so I was feeling a bit trapped.
Were you surprised Sean defended Cheryl so much?
I was a bit surprised. It wasn’t intended that way, but my judgement was off and I was in the wrong… Sean and I hadn’t spent much time together before that night, so I doubt he’d seen the side of me that puts on an act. Unfortunately, I was still bitter with Cheryl for a few things that happened on the homestay and it showed.
MAFS' Sean came to Cheryl's defence during the infamous 'boys' club' night.
Do you and Sean still keep in touch?
Yes, I may go and see him in his hometown [Maryborough, Qld] later this year – we’re all good.
Do you have any regrets about your decision to re-enter the experiment?
That’s a tricky one; everything after our first two dates [with Cheryl] hasn’t gone too well, so it’s been fairly disappointing.
Jonesy says staying on the show has been "disappointing".
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