"Bring me back next year!" MAFS’ Jo McPharlin has a proposal for the producers

Can Jo become the John of MAFS 2019?

By TV Week team
After her disastrous "marriage" to Sean, Jo McPharlin wants a second chance at love.
Just as John was brought back this season, Jo is hoping the same will happen for her.
"I would do it all again in the blink of an eye," Jo, 39, says.

When Jo finished filming the show, she flew home to kids Angus, 14, and Zara, 10, but hasn't been on a date.
"I've gone back to my sad little mum life, really," she reveals.But Jo is hopeful that now everyone knows she's still single, the situation might change for the better.
"There might be a couple of blokes in Adelaide," she says.

As for Sean, he hasn't been in touch.
"Not one text, not one phone call – nothing," Jo declares.
Jo isn't the only one calling for her return; fans took to social media to rally behind her amidst her split from Sean.
"So heartbroken for Jo. You are worth so much more," one viewer wrote.
While another added: ""Jo we love you lady... U deserve a second chance bring Jo back next season."
Jo recently spoke to The Fix about her marriage, "I just felt that [Sean] never, ever gave it a red hot crack. Like, clearly you just saw me on face value and that was it. I was just really hurt and disappointed."
We'd love to see Jo make a 2019 return, and hopefully one as successful as John's seems to be going this year.

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