MAFS' Cheryl Maitland is talking babies and building a house with her new man

Post show, Cheryl Maitland opens up about living her best life ever!

By OK! team
Life after Married At First Sight has been nothing but kind to Cheryl Maitland, 26.
Now happily taken by ex-cop Dean Gibbs, 31, the couple are settled and looking to build a future together... including babies and building their own home!
And while some may think it's too soon, Cheryl's focus is set firmly on her own happiness.
"Obviously everybody knows that I'm happy with Dean," says Cheryl.
"It's just not forced and it feels so right, it's amazing. It's just too good to be true."
Their plans to move in together aren't a huge leap by any means, especially they already live together.
"Dean moved up from Melbourne and we have our own place together on the Gold Coast," explains Cheryl. "He moved up about six months ago."
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For now, Cheryl doesn't see an engagement ring making its way under her tree this year, the hairdresser has no doubts about where she stands with Dean.
"He's definitely the one," she says. "We've even spoken about having kids together and buying a house and renovating it. We can definitely see a future together." Aww, our hearts!
Though Dean would happily give The Block a shot, Cheryl says she's done with reality TV now.
"I'm happy, it's settled down. We'll stay here, he wasn't sure but it's like paradise. We want to stay here," she says of their settled Gold Coast life.
Cheryl is happier now than she's ever been, especially after all the drama during her MAFS journey.
Moving forward with her life has been the priority for Cheryl, who says she only kept in touch with a small handful of MAFS people.
"I know Susan is pregnant, so I speak to her a little. But apart from that I don't speak to anyone," Cheryl tells OK!.
"I feel like everyone has found happiness."
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