EXCLUSIVE: Lucy Lawless admits she’d love Magda Szubanski to star in a Xena reboot

Kath & Kim + Xena: Warrior Princess is the crossover we never knew we wanted!

By Erin Doyle
When you think of the name Lucy Lawless, her iconic role as the titular character on Xena: Warrior Princess typically comes to mind.
And while the New Zealand-born actress is back on TV screens playing Alexa Crowe on Channel Ten's new show My Life Is Murder, fans have been crying out for a reboot.
Speaking to Now To Love, Lucy admits she wouldn't rule out reprising the role – divulging she'd want Magda Szubanski to appear in the hypothetical new version.
"Yes [I'd sign up for a reboot] and Magda, she would be a character on Xena: The Reboot," Lucy laughs.
"She's going to be a villager with burning hair running from fire or something!"
Asked whether she'd return the favour and appear on a Kath & Kim reboot if there was ever one in the works, Lucy replies: "You bet I would!"
Magda will appear in Lucy's new show, which also counts Danielle Cormack, Don Hany, Ryan Corr and Nadine Garner among the list of guest stars, and Lucy reveals the pair's bond extends to real-life.
"Magda's a good buddy of mine. She's one of my friends who is dearest to me," she says.
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Lucy admits she wants Magda to star in a Xena reboot. Image: @reallucylawless/Instagram
Lucy won't rule out reprising her famous role. Image: NBC/Universal
And though Lucy may be synonymous with Xena more than two decades after she first portrayed the character, she reveals she doesn't mind the association.
"It's lovely. How could I not be grateful for that? It's beautiful."
However, Lucy admits there's one thing she wished she had done differently in those early years.
"I wish that I could have admitted vulnerability. I wish I could have asked for help when I needed help. I know so many people would go 'Oh my gosh, I relate to that.' But I think that would have made my life so much easier," she says.
My Life Is Murder airs Wednesday 8.30pm on Channel Ten
Lucy and Magda share a close bond. Image: @reallucylawless/Instagram